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FC Porto and Tondela meet on Sunday to play in the 2022 Portuguese Cup Grand Final. Calculate the beanbut there are previous examples showing that nepotism is not at all synonymous with conquest.

In the last ten editions of the competition, the so-called Big Three won only five finals. If we exclude Braga from this equation, given that it is considered by many to be the ‘big room’, we have to go back to 2017/18 to find the last ‘small’ team to face the ‘big’ and lift the Portuguese Cup. It was bird sportagainst Sporting (2-1), in a final that still featured an Alcochet invasion, five days before the match.

“It was one of those games with very big meaning. It was the last game of my career. For me, it was special. He had already lost two cup finals and his goal was to win the third, although he knew how difficult it was. I was in one final for Braga and another for Benfica. And I went to win the cup with Desportivo das Aves… It’s a little unimaginable. There were also unexpected situations at the time, such as the Sporting situation, but we tried to do our job as best as possible, knowing the difficulties. We had a small percentage, but it was It is possible to celebrate at the end. I think that above all, the belief that it is possible was key.” Kim in conversation with zero zero.

“I remember it with nostalgia, because it was an unforgettable day. It was a final that we won very well deservedly. But, above all, it was a glorious day, not only for the fans of Desportivo das Aves, but mainly for those who love football. It was a match A very good final. Both teams proved that they are ready for the final. It is a day I will remember forever, because that final and this victory was a dream for all of us, who started our career as a footballer, and later as a coach. We all dreamed of being in the final and winning was an achievement Historic for all of us. Jose Motathen coach of Desportivo das Aves, in statements to zero zero.

“We were convinced we could win”

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In a game where favoritism is apparent to one side – in this case, for FC Porto – preparing is always more difficult and can be key. Kim admits that this was one of Desportivo das Aves’ secrets, but he praised, above all, the respect Avens has always had for Sporting.

“The secret was to respect Sporting. Knowing the difficulties and the difficult week that Sporting had, but having an idea of ​​the value of Sporting and trying to do our job. We knew very well that it would be difficult for Sporting to score the first goal, because it would raise morale. We defended well and tried to counterattack well. Better and on the few counterattacks we tried to score goals. That’s what happened. Then we knew that Sporting was at a disadvantage and would try to risk it, we continued on the counterattack and also managed to win 2-0. Sporting still fell back in the last part, but it was one of the Those unexpected moments.Kim explained that once he was told, no one believed at the beginning of that time.

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Jose Motta, the coach responsible for the preparations and strategy that allowed Aves to win the historic victory, recalled the quality of Avens’ squad at the time and highlighted the way the match was prepared as key, at a three-day training camp in Peniche.

“It is important to realize that Aves had good players, and they had a beautiful team. We were able to stay in the Primeira Liga, which is also a historic feat for Aves, who have not done so before. The team also had players who had already won the Portuguese Cup and the League Cup. There were a number of guys with a certain experience, who looked at that final with great determination and seriousness, in fact, all of us, basically, with the conviction that we could win. José Motta recalls.

“I remember the work week was built on the perspective of not just working on the points we thought were important for the opponent, but also looking a lot at ourselves and what we can do and what we should do. This final did very well and the players were always focused on the limits. And on the winning goal. That was the main point. We were convinced we could win the Portuguese Cup. That same belief, that same spirit led to a very good final, with both teams doing their best to win, and Desportivo das Aves ended up with little luck. What you need in the final.

“They have to get away from what happened in the tournament.”

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The scenarios, as Jose Motta and Kim insisted to highlight, are not identical. In contrast to Tondela, Aves managed to maintain and reach the final with a motive, and on the other hand, instead of the national champion, there were Sporting who were weakened by the Alcochetti events. However, they both leave advice to Tondela, who is seeking to repeat the unexpected feat of 2017.

“The advice I can give Tondela is that they have to prepare very well for this final. The players have to distance themselves from what happened in the tournament and they have to feel for themselves in the working group that there are conditions. They can’t complain every day “We will face the national champion, we will face FC Porto”, they have to look at themselves and realize that they have a team in the first league and that they have to have goals when playing that final and the will to win. That’s very important. If they don’t, if they don’t feel like it, and if there is a high appreciation for the opponent. , It is clear that they will be closer to losing the final. We know that the opponent is very strong, but Tondela must feel that he has a chance to fight for the Portuguese Cup and play a good game. And who knows how to achieve an achievement, which will always be a surprise, but surprises happen in a ball foot.”, advised Jose Motta.

“Tondela, unfortunately for them, withdrew from the division and has a game there that can give some encouragement. It’s tough, but the hope of the Tondela supporters is the last to die. It’s a cup final and anything can happen, just as it happened with Aves. And if he facilitates FC Porto, I have no doubt that Tondela will take the opportunity and surprise.(…) Undoubtedly the situation of Aves at that time was different. Aves remained in the Primeira Liga and really came in a certain spirit. I think it will not be easy for my players Tondela face the match by relegation. They are going through a difficult week and it is bittersweet. But that’s what I’m saying, you have to believe in your partners and think of them, because their happiness is also important.”

Tondela at Desportivo das Aves has an example to follow, and according to data from playmakerstatsIn the event of a surprise in the Portuguese Cup final, Perez will precisely join Aves and also with Estrella da Amadora as The only teams to lift the trophy in the only final I’ve played.

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