How to play the songs of Father Marcelo Rossi?

Learn to play the main songs of Padre Marcelo on the guitar with the best tips for you!

Our famous priest, one of the faces of the Brazilian Gospel (photo / reproduction / internet)

Our famous priest, one of the faces of the Brazilian Gospel (photo / reproduction / internet)

Photo: Sifra Club

Hearing a word of condolence is always great, isn’t it? Even more if said in the form of music. Father Marcello Rossi has been in our lives for many years, he welcomes us close to God.

So, in celebration of his 55th birthday, we have prepared this list with 10 songs of Father Marcelo for you to learn to play and praise together. After all, as Saint Augustine said, “He who sings, prays twice”!

Father Marcelo songs to play guitar

All the songs selected here are not complicated to play and convey messages of love and affection without equal! God’s beauty and love turned into a great warming hymn for our hearts. So, grab your guitar and let’s get to the songs:

1. treacherous nights

Our first track offers a beautiful message of encouragement. Who among us did not go through the nights of treachery and the only refuge was God? Difficulties or worries quickly transform with divine love.

Very easy to play music. There are only 8 easy chords throughout the song, only two of which are made by barry. But don’t worry, because they’re both made on the second fret of the guitar, that is, they’re both in the same area of ​​the instrument.

Also, if you are a beginner, do a good job assembling a shape B.C#which is unusual for someone who is just starting to play.

two. Heavenly Mother

written in tone JAnd Heavenly Mother Known by the entire Christian community. The Virgin’s intercession is the truest way to ask for something from the Lord.

The song has 10 strings and 2 bars, also made in the same area as the guitar. Most of these tendons shouldn’t present a difficulty. However, pay attention to (g/a), which can intimidate the inexperienced a little. But with a lot of faith and dedication, you will learn this song quickly!

3. Who is this who advances like Aurora

Another beautiful song dedicated to the Virgin, Who is this who advances like Aurora It has a very lively rhythm. After all, whoever sings this song puts himself as an army in a combat group.

Created from only 4 forms, in a well-known chord sequence, the song can help you expand your repertoire and delight the entire church in praise.

4. I raised my hand

Another beautiful song by Father Marcelo Rossi, I raised my hand It has a very interesting intro, which can be done very well on guitar. In addition, the solo saxophone that opens the song can be played on the lowest strings of the guitar. Make sure you try to catch him!

The song only has 5 strings, one of them is with Brie (we will). Also, all the other strings are pretty simple. Do you know the ones you learned in your first guitar lessons? If she is! All you need is ease and lots of animation to learn new songs.

5. interrogate me

One of the deepest hymns in the Christian repertoire, interrogate me It tells us about God’s constant presence in our lives. Surely you already sang this song during a party in your city and quickly set the tone for the amazing chorus.

The song has 9 chords, many of which are made with only two or three fingers. Moreover, the eyelashes on the fifth part are eating Dim 7 It is easily implemented. Finally, make sure to implement the least common e 7 And G/b.

6. Mary, the Lady of Peace

Sharing life and love is one of the most beautiful things! Mary, the Lady of Peace talk about it. The song invites us to unite and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood.

It contains 9 strings in total, three of which require a bar: BAnd we will And poison, they are all very close to each other. Also stay tuned for the collection of files E/G#And e 7 And e 9which could cause you more trouble.

7. our father

Since ancient times, the our father Pray in the form of music. We find countless versions of the main Catholic prayer over the centuries. You’ve definitely heard the version sung by Father Marcello Rossi and are now going to translate it on guitar!

This song has a little more chords than the previous one, with a total of 13. However, you just need to dedicate yourself and focus to be able to play it. Most likely, the shapes you will spend the longest on getting perfect are d/p#And E/G#And e 7 And Fahrenheit.

8. God’s angels

the consecrated God’s angels It is a song that brings peace and love to our hearts. In many cases, the Guardian Angel is called upon by us in many moments of distress and distress.

In total, the song has 4 chords. eyelashes on the second and fourth frets (B And poison) are the only distractors. Although the music in Andthe tone changed to J It can make the implementation easier, because in this way you eliminate the eyelashes. So, take advantage of the main altering tool that Cifra Club offers you on the music page.

9. Maria goes ahead

Confidence in Jesus and Mary raises the faith of any Catholic. However, demand Maria goes ahead It nourishes the faith and love of anyone!

16 chords (three with Barry) make up this beautiful song. The biggest challenges are the implementation of such shapes F7 (5-)And F7MAnd Foreign Minister / C. And G7 (4/9). Learning these strings, it is a pleasure to be able to play such great music!

10. I am the bread of heaven

Finally, we know that the moment of the Eucharist is one of the most influential Catholic rituals. When the bread and wine are consecrated, God’s presence becomes a reality. Music I am the bread of heaven embodies this phenomenon.

The piano plays a tone in the foreground, which the guitar can easily replace. In the original version, the song has 14 chords. If you are a beginner, don’t be afraid of shape d#mis referred to in a less common way in this song.

On the other hand, if you already have experience with guitars, we have a more detailed version, with 34 strings! So, if you like challenges, seize the opportunity to learn!

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