Have you ever visited the popular dog fair? There is also yoga and massage.

Have you ever visited the popular dog fair? It’s pure fun and there’s even yoga and massages.

Dogga Indoor Park, in Porto, has activities, challenges and adventures. But the award-winning gym has a lot to offer.

It is an entertainment center for dogs, but for humans it can be called a folk fair. If you live in the greater Porto area, don’t miss the experience at Dogga – Academy for Dogs and Families. But not only that, because this gym is a veritable box of surprises, for you and your four-legged friend.

Dogga is a training and behavior modification company that was born – in its current form – in October 2015. “We pioneered this innovative and distinctive concept in Portugal,” they say.

In this academy, the team works with families to promote the healthy integration of the companion dog into the family, especially urban context, taking into account all constraints, such as time constraints on the part of teachers, that result from the current community lifestyle.

Hence the name “Dogga,” they explained, because it is an English combination of the expression “Dog + Yoga.” “This is how we are turning all of our students into ‘zen’ dogs, to expand our services to a wider audience.”

The methodology of this academy – which has an area of ​​about 1,500 square metres, indoors and outdoors – is “positive” education, without resorting to aggression.

With this philosophy, Dogga offers services in the field of behavior modification, with internationally accredited training, as well as theory classes for teachers.

In addition, it also offers animal grooming services and animal-assisted treatments, in addition to its day center – the daycare is suitable for audiences whose teachers want to socialize daily with other dogs.

There is also yoga and massage.

Academy student classes are held in Dogga facilities, according to the plan recommended by the company’s behavior specialist and depending on the economic potential of each family – which may be once or more per week.

During the day, activities of cognitive stimulation, mental stimulation, physical exercises, massages, educational games and even yoga are performed for dogs, “always using a positive methodology, free from force, fear or impending stress.”

Here, the puppy learns to interact less with other dogs and with humans, to be more social, to know how to be alone, to share resources – such as toys or food – and to reduce anxiety and fears, and develop new cognitive skills.

Fun Center

And now for the fun part: If your dog is a student at Dogga Academy, you can take the opportunity to take him in and enjoy a few hours to the fullest.

We are talking about the Fun Center, the first indoor dog park in Portugal, which opened in 2020 and has an area of ​​200 square meters designed with the main and strong sense of smell in mind for dogs – which dogs can use along the path of different activities, challenges and a lot of fun. The lighting is intentionally dim to make you use your nose.

For obstacles that require jumping and balancing, with different floors and textures, there’s a ball pool, rope fighting, lots of soap bubbles and even an area for Instagram selfies.

To get to the fun center, dogs undergo a behavioral assessment – to ensure the safety and well-being of all users – that is duly carried out by monitors.

“There is a lack of safe spaces with controlled access for owners to spend quality time with their dogs, especially in the winter. Hence, this is an excellent alternative to dog parks, beaches or pine forests. Dogs and teachers enjoy, and there is an expenditure on the dog’s physical and mental energy, which is It is positive for their well-being and at the same time strengthens the bond with the teacher, ”emphasizes the Academy.

But the news doesn’t stop there: In summer, the park has a swimming pool and outdoor inflatables for added fun, with plenty of water in the mix.

Shop and Lounge Café

At Dogga headquarters, you’ll also find Walking Dog, a dog accessory store spanning the project of Dogga owners, Manuela Vilas-Boas and Pedro Runa.

It’s a shop full of products for the Four Claw and also has a Cãofé Lounge, where customers can have coffee and serve up dog cookies, muffins, or “cakes” – all made with ingredients that are safe for them.

If you haven’t visited Dogga yet, what are you waiting for? Sign up for the gym, enjoy the many services available, and, of course, take him to the folk fair – and finish with him, perhaps, a “pancake” of carob, carrot or yogurt.

Scroll through the gallery and learn more about Dogga.

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