From office worker to entrepreneur

Clezio Antunes, president of Pavel Emprinmentos, has always been a dreamer. Born in the sixties, he lived the typical life of people of humble origins. He was a child when his father died. He started working at the age of twelve, and from his help in a carpentry shop, he became the head and responsible for the technical area of ​​the civil construction company in Ribeirão Preto, together with partner Julio Souza, who manages the administrative and commercial area.

Antunes has been working in civil construction for 20 years and 35 years since he first saw Revide, when he was still working on Gráfica Rochedo, an experience that marked his life. Pafil Empreendimentos has two decades of experience in the real estate market, focusing on the interior of São Paulo, building with quality and facilitating the dream of owning a home at affordable prices and conditions. Pafil is one of the 100 largest construction companies in Brazil, according to the INTEC Rankings 2019, 2020 and 2021.

What was this story like, from office worker to entrepreneur?

It has always been my dream to own my own business. I am humble and doing something to change this reality depends exclusively on me. I started working at the age of twelve, in a carpentry shop and did everything: I was a boy delivering newspapers, a boy in the office and a printer at a printing house in Roshido. I had started working there when Revide was born. I remember the first time it was printed and telling the co-owner it would be a hit in Ribeirão.

Over time, I built up a small financial reserve and started investing in a small business, and that was when I met Julio [Souza, sócio de Clezio na Pafil Empreendimentos]. We were partners first in a car dealership, then in a timber warehouse for civil construction and over time we began to invest in the construction of real estate for sale, houses and small buildings. The business was promising and we were motivated to grow, commit and integrate. Our difference, right from the start, is the constructive criterion.

What do you carry to this day from your life experience, working from a very young age and feeding that dream of owning your own business?

One of the owners of the Roshido Press, where I worked, studied abroad. He told many stories and had incredible agility at work. At that time, at the age of 14, I watched the movements and tried to learn.

It was the same in other works and still is today. Some things have no school to teach them, we learn on a daily basis. I’ve learned, for example, that it’s essential to be proactive, dynamic, and love people. They are the ones who connect the business. This works within the community – with me and Julio, for example – in the relationship with employees, suppliers as well as customers. Pavel builds for people, works with people and communication with them is essential.

I was a boy with a dream of owning your business. Now, you are an entrepreneur who makes dreams come true, the dream of owning your own home. How do you see this? Is this the passage of time?

I had a hard time getting my first home of my own, and one of the first things I did too was building a house for my mom, after my dad passed away. I know how difficult this feat is. When Julio and I started civil construction, we quickly created projects for what we would call Casa Verde y Amarilla for the public. Today Pavel offers real estate solutions to various audiences. Our goal is to fulfill our customers’ dreams. I had a dream of owning my own business and today my job is to build to make dreams come true.

How did Pavel evolve from homes and small apartment buildings?

Investment: in people, quality operations and innovative projects. This translates into recognition. For four years, in a row, we have been part of Intec’s ranking among the 100 largest construction companies in the country.

Pavel participates in the Brazilian Program for Quality and Productivity of Habitat (PBQH), is ISO 9001 certified and accredited to the Casa Verde e Amarela programme. In recent years, our financial statements have been audited by one of the largest auditing and consulting firms in the world, the Big Four, Ernst Young. Excellence was also reflected in our in-house work, for which we received the Grate Place To Work (GPTW) seal as a great place to work.

What are your plans for the future?
I do what I love most, I will only stop if time stops for me. At the current stage, we are managing the governance management processes. Today, I learn a lot, every day. We are a team at Pavel. Our collaborators are professionals who came from the market and others who started in this market with Pafil. So our responsibility to both models is very intense and it makes me feel even more satisfied and proud to be Pafil’s co-chairman.

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