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Flamengo’s growing investment in women’s football has had an impact. In the Brazilian Under-20 Championship, the team qualified for the second stage undefeated and with the fourth best overall campaign. The Javia girls also have the best defense, with no conceding goals, and the fourth best attack, with 24 balls in the net. This Monday, at 2 pm, they will make their debut in the second stage, against Corinthians, in Santana de Parnaiba, in São Paulo.

Flamengo players celebrate a 6-0 win over Goias in the Brazilian Women’s Sub-20 Championship – Photo: Adriano Fontes/CBF

+ Unbeaten in the Brazilian Women’s Sub-20 Championship, Flamengo advance to the next stage with the best defense in the competition

The vice president of women’s football, Vitor Zanelli, considers it an obligation for the club to be champions in all sports. In this context, development includes trying to reduce the gap between girls and boys, who generally start at an earlier age:

I usually say, in men, when a boy reaches the age of 18, he usually has 8 to 10 years of training. For women, three to four max. We will change this scenario.

The flamingo logo is crack flamingo do it at home. We will always invest in the base, it’s our future. In Brazil, there are a few projects that are doing well at the base and we hope that this will increase. Our goal is to help with this promotion. We want to expand the opportunities and dreams of athletes. Today, we have some girls playing in Brazil U-20s who are part of the main team not out of necessity, but out of quality.

Vitor Zanelli is Vice President of Youth Football, Women’s Football and Futsal for Flamengo – Photo: Fred Gomez

Zanelli also mentioned that the club’s investment goals are high and it is proceeding through a project that leads the team to be the champion of America. The vice president also spoke of mid-year surprises that will delight, he says, red-hot fans. black:

– We have developed a medium-term plan and are implementing all the steps we designed in a satisfactory manner. We want to reach the Libertadores, it’s our great goal. Now, in the middle of the year, we have news and fans are going to love it. We make a great team and the focus is to be the best in Brazil and the Americas. Our target is 2024. Can something be expected? Of course, that’s what we expect. We really believe in business.

Under-20 coach Celso Silva reinforces the idea that it is important that the work is directed to try to reduce the gap between girls in terms of football. He notes that coaching with the core team plays an essential role in this process:

We know that women’s football is growing and establishing itself. Girls who go through this process midway through still have some developmental gaps and we struggle to try to reduce that deficit. In light of this scenario, we work hard with professionals. Because the athletes are close and relocated, we try to bring more richness to the work. I think we are on an interesting path and we will achieve our goals in the short and medium term.

Coach Celso Silva of Flamengo Women’s Under-20 team on the edge of the pitch – Photo: Adriano Fontes / CBF

For Vice President Vitor Zanelli, the role of Flamengo, as a club that accommodates a huge audience, is fundamental to the development of the sport. He emphasized, however, that it was important for other entities to join in the goal of promoting women’s football and making it attractive to all:

We are the largest audience in the world and the most engaged brand in Brazil. We are thinking of the market and, together with the Brazilian Football Confederation, CONMEBOL and other clubs, we want to make women’s football a great spectacle and an excellent business for everyone.

Flamengo plays the role of Group H in the second stage of the Brazil U-20 team, along with Corinthians, Internacional and Ferroviarea. The competition is in one round. The best two teams from each group advance to the semi-finals. Santana de Parneba is the headquarters.

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