Evil Dead is bloody, chaotic and frantic, just like the movies

Evil Dead: The Game is available for PC and consoles

Evil Dead: The Game is available for PC and consoles

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when Evil died Released in 1981 and introduced to the cinema by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, the film clearly had several flaws, due to the lack of a wider budget. However, it has captured a number of horror movie fans due to its bloody and stifling surroundings.

With Evil Dead: The GameThe feeling is similar. This is because the game fails in some technical aspects, but the setting, and in this case, the fidelity to the original material, makes up for the experience significantly.

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A well-known and well-executed recipe

Inspired by the popular game Dead by Daylight, Evil Dead pits a group of four survivors against a common enemy, in this case, the Kandarian demon – everyone is controlled by the players and whoever plays the villain is much stronger than the others. However, unlike Dead by Daylight, here, the survivors have the tools to fight the demon at all times.

Whoever is in the role of Kandarian, can summon various demons, which in this case are very similar to zombie apocalypse, to hunt down survivors. For those facing the Kandarian, the character choices are based on iconic names from the movies, like several versions of Ash Williams.

Another thing that distinguishes the gameplay in Evil Dead is the progression within the game itself. In this way, sometimes, online matches are almost like a battle royale game. That’s because the survivors have to loot supplies and improve their position on the map.

Part of the tasks in online matches is to activate some items and defend the territory for a certain time. When it gets to this point, that’s when everything gets messy, bloody, and frantic. The chaos part can be a problem, if it doesn’t exactly bring a sense of fidelity to the movies.

Another detail that goes well in a game adapted from Evil Dead is the blood. As these waves invade the map, the characters become more and more bloodied. Additionally, there are a variety of melee weapons, which allow for a range of violent finishes and leave everything bloodier.

Not everything is flowers

Evil Dead characters are based on the movies

Evil Dead characters are based on the movies

Photo: Saber Interactive/Publicity

Well, as an Evil Dead fan, the qualities really make up for the flaws, but they don’t stop there. The game does not have a jump button, which is not necessarily a problem, if the design of the level respects this limitation. It is possible to jump from some obstacles, when approaching, a reaction center appears so that the doll can perform this jump.

However, this is not always the case, because the controlled character is often unable to overcome a small obstacle and is forced to go around it, making navigation problematic and unreasonable. By the way, in the middle of the fight, this is a different confusion from the above, because it bothers and does not seem to be the result of frantic battles.

Finally, another detail that gets into some positive confusion is the fact that there is no “aim lock” for the enemies you encounter. In a game that is inherently dark and has fast-paced and sprawling enemies, the absence of this lock is more of an annoyance than a hindrance.

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evil dead;  Game - Note 8

evil dead; Game – Note 8

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Although there are obvious level design issues and other minor issues, Evil Dead: The Game continues to make up for it with its hectic and fun gameplay. By the way, if you are a movie buff, this is a must-play game and is without a doubt one of the most faithful mods on the market, at least in recent years.

Evil Dead: The Game is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

*This review was performed on PlayStation 5.

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