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Investments this week were in different sectors. Governor Reinaldo Azambuga signed agreements for infrastructure work in several municipalities, launched a new program to start scientific and technological work and handed over agricultural equipment to rural workers. Dorados also received a new package of works to meet the demands of the population.

One of the priorities of the State Administration, Science and Technology received new investments with the launch of the second edition of PICTEC (Mato Grosso do Sul Scientific and Technological Initiation Program), aimed at secondary school students and teachers.

The governor launched the new version of PICTEC (Photo: Chico Ribeiro)

This public call has made available 400 scholarships in the manner of the Scientific Initiation Scholarship (IC-A) to high school or technical education students. The monthly fee will be R$400.00 for students and R$800.00 for professors and advisors. The program’s contribution is 2.8 million Brazilian riyals.

“It’s very good, because you are awakening something from technology, a new science, and that will certainly be very good, with the largest public notice in Brazil for this type of audience. Mato Grosso do Sul already has the largest investment in science and technology for masters and Ph.D.”, the governor described .

New Business Package

Governor hands access works to Uems (Photo: Chico Ribeiro)

The second largest city in the state, Dorados has been given another package of business by the state government. By adding the openings and new projects, there are investments of over R$130 million, covering urban infrastructure, public health, safety, road network, sanitation, sports and housing.

The governor inaugurated important works such as paving MS-162 allowing access to the municipal airport and state universities (UEMS and UFGD), as well as improvements and traffic conditioning on the MS-156 motorway, in the upper lane of the city’s industrial complex in the amount of R$27.9 million.

Governor launches new package of businesses in Dorados (Photo: Chico Ribeiro)

He also released new works. Among them, the construction of the Center for Medical Specialties, which will be attached to the regional hospital, the helipad for the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance, as well as the continuation of restoration work on the central square of the city. The paving of neighborhoods and the signature of the asphalt neighborhood Piccadina. The second phase of the expansion project of the Dorados Industrial Center was also announced.

An additional R$10.4 million will be spent on sanitation and the residents will have six sports arenas, in addition to the renovation of the Ulysses Guimarães Municipal Gymnasium. “We live today in a state of investment and opportunity. We’ve already asked companies to anticipate timelines, the governor said.


“Municipal government, which is the partner of municipalities.” With this motto, the governor signed new agreements with the cities of Coronel Sapucaia, Bela Vista and Santa Rita do Pardo. These are urban and rural infrastructure works aimed at improving the quality of life of residents.

The governor asked the mayors to speed up the bidding process and start work according to the election period. Resources will be transferred so that projects are successfully implemented. He described, “This partnership and joint action made it possible for us to be the most municipal government in history.”

The governor signed new agreements with municipalities (Photo: Chico Ribeiro)

For Bela Vista, the paving of the Baixada Corinthiana neighborhood has been authorized and the restoration work on the “Dama Cauê” bypass has been approved. Coronel Sapucaia will have MS-165 anti-erosion construction as well as paving the streets of Prudêncio R. Lopes, Pascácio S. Dutra and Quintino Viana in Vila Jardim Palmeiras.

Santa Rita do Pardo has signed two agreements for the restoration of sidewalks in the neighborhoods of Nova Esperanca and Novo Horizonte. Municipalities also received multi-standard monitors for vital signs, part of a donation from the Ministry of Health. They will be sent to hospitals and municipal health departments.

agricultural equipment

New equipment for the field man (Photo: Bruno Resende)

Another 11 municipalities received agricultural machinery. It will be used to help the rural population and strengthen family farming. The governor aims to have 3,800 pieces of equipment delivered by the end of the year. The investment is approximately R$1.2 billion.

“We are completing the delivery of 1,748 pieces of equipment. By December 31, we will complete 3,800 pieces of equipment. This is the result of this partnership that has led to development, improved highways, helps family farming, and strengthens job and income creation in municipalities,” the governor said.

The municipalities included in this delivery are Anastasio, Aquidawana, Anorelandia, Bella Vista, Podoquina, Corgino, Takoro, Cedrolandia, Paranhos, Ogua Clara and Nova Alvorada do Sul. The event was held in the parking lot of the Semagro (State Secretariat for Environment, Economic Development, Production and Family Agriculture), in Campo Grande.

Leonardo Rocha, Subcom
Featured image: Bruno Resende

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