After four years of operation, the new Beira-Mar de Fortaleza is being handed over to the residents

After nearly four years of work, the new structure of Beira-Mar de Fortaleza was handed over to the residents on Friday night 20. With an investment of R$120 million, the rehabilitation began in August 2018, during the administration of former mayor Roberto Claudio. Initially, the project was expected to be completed within 24 months, but due to delays, the implementation time reached 45 months.

At the opening, City Hall promoted a special program with musical performances, sports, a dance floor, and fun activities. Mayor José Sarto and Governor Isolda Silla officially unveiled the plaque on the waterfront promenade. Then, during a press conference, they highlighted the partnership between city council and state government to carry out the works.

“It is a partnership whose results are clearly visible, which little by little changes the city, the city’s spaces and its services for the better. Make your business thrive,” the governor said.

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Sarto stressed in his speech that after rehabilitation, Beira Mar became more democratic and attracted “people of all tribes”. On this occasion, the Director also mentioned investments in another revitalization business on the edge of the capital of Ceará.

“We’re going to bring Fortaleza back to Beira-Mar for everyone. And we’re not just doing it here, we’re starting there in Barra do Ceará with the bridge over the Ceará River, with Vila do Mar, with Praia de Iracema, Praia do Futuro and with Sabiaguaba. We’re going to deliver Fortaleza, at the end of Our term, the most beautiful coast in Brazil and on the planet,” he said.

The mayor also announced that a tender will be launched soon to rehabilitate the Iracema Beach Boardwalk, which covers the stretch where the Iracema Guardia statue is located up to Ponte dos Ingleses. “We will launch the public notice in the second half of this year and finish the work by the end of next year,” the director promised.

With more than 125,000 square meters of urban area, the new Beira Mar has three kilometers of paved roads with interlocking floors, sidewalks and a sewage system. With the fattening of the sand strip, between the spikes on the roads of Rui Barbosa and Decimbargador Moreira, there was the expansion of the sidewalk and the implementation of a running track and a bike track.

The extension also has a new, natural look. According to the city council, the rehabilitated area has received plantings of more than 600 species, including trees, palms, coconuts and carnauba trees, including saplings and large trees.

The space also gained new LED lighting, seven complexes of public restrooms, with showers and athletes, as well as private kiosks to operate the Waterfront video surveillance center, Casa do Turista and the administrative headquarters.

Along the waterfront, there are sports and leisure facilities such as the amphitheater, skate park, Sports field, sand courts, outdoor gym and bike station. Another novelty is the creation of 350 parking spaces.

Geologist Joao Bosco Moraes, 60, who has been visiting Beira Mar frequently for more than 20 years, approved the new structure. He commented, “It changed from water to wine. We had something very small, very old, very poorly occupied, and today everything is very beautiful. The space has become more democratic, safe, clean, well attended. And more tourists are attracted.”

Trade representative Paulo Paiva, 67, also praised the improvements and compared the new waterfront structure to that of other Brazilian capitals. “The change was very big. The old structure did not live up to the importance of the place and the number of tourists we receive. I know Beira-Mar from many states in Brazil and I think our country has become the most beautiful and most organized here we can find everything now, from a restaurant to a skate park, Something other capitals don’t have,” he assessed.

Paolo’s wife, businesswoman Reagan-Ponty, 53, cited the driveway expansion as the best intervention made on the project. “It has improved a lot, because it has widened the cycling path and the boardwalk. For those who normally walk, like me, it was much better. Previously, the space was small. I remember constantly bumping into cyclists and pedestrians. Your space,” he said, adding that he walks in space every day for more than ten years.

The handicraft fair opened in a new structure

With the opening of the new Beira-Mar, a handicraft fair on the waterfront has begun to work on new facilities. The building area is 8000 square meters distributed over 707 boxes for permit holders. Environments have concrete floors, metal structure with perforated finishes, revolving door, and shade cloth.

Working in the gallery for more than 20 years, permission Paolo Ximenes, 53, was satisfied with the changes. “In the past, we had to put plastic to cover the tent, and there was a complete worry that we wouldn’t have it now. And the format of the service will change as well, because now we have to convince the customer to enter the store to buy.” At the fair, Ximenes sells beach bags and bath items. For him, with the new structure, the number of customers tends to increase.

Paulo Thomas, 35, who is also a licensee at the site, celebrated the improvements. “It was a great victory,” he said. “My father has worked here since before I was born. His dream has always been to have a better business structure.” He added, “People used to see the gallery with those huts, the tarpaulin, something a little disorganized, so it was aesthetically ugly. Today, it’s much more pleasing to the eye and a lot more organized.”

With the rehabilitation, the gallery begins to operate according to a new schedule: from 4 pm to 10 pm, from Sunday to Sunday. The place offers options for handicrafts, clothing, accessories, paintings, crochet and lace products, and a variety of local items.

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