″A very disorganized team in defense″

The Mafra coach was sacked in the semi-finals by the team that played on Sunday the Portuguese Cup final against FC Porto.

Ricardo Sousa was the last coach to face Tondela before the Portuguese Cup final. The coach of the Mafra team, who lost 3-0 at Joao Cardoso Stadium, in the first leg, and drew 1-1 at home, in the second match of the semi-final, believes that “Tondela should surprise and try to worry FC Porto who ran out of patience in the first few minutes.” “. “He will not take part in the match, he did not do it against Mafra, and I think he will do it much less than that against FC Porto. He will play with low lines, he will try to defend as much as he can and he will do that. Wait for the mistake and for FC Porto to lose patience and become unbalanced in the back” , predicts the coach who classifies Perez as a “dangerous team.” “He plays constantly in transition, mainly using the speed of Salvador Agra and Rafael Barbosa, who are very fast players who have quality, especially in the moment of decision.”
The Mafra coach highlighted Agra and Rafael Barbosa as well as the two sides. “Bebeto and Neto Borges are two players that give the game a lot of depth and can practically do the entire lane on their own.”

When they faced Tondela in the first leg, it was coach Paco Astaran and in the second, at home, he was already the current coach, Nuno Campos. “Two different coaches,” he defined. “Baku like football more directly, Nuno already chooses a more supportive football, but he had some difficulty in that class. It seems to me that a team is very disorganized in the defensive process and that is why I think it will have a lot of difficulties in the final.”
Thus, Ricardo Sousa finds some weaknesses in the team that will contest the Portuguese Cup final. “They provide a lot of space between the lines, apart from coming down and just pressing and simply from the midfield, it ends up with a lot of inside play, try to play with sectors that are very close to each other and completely neglect the other side. If FC Porto has good possession, there is Good contrast in the middle of the game quickly, they can explore the weaker side and Tondela has difficulties in individual duels.It is a team that has many problems when opponents play big and play a lot of outside play in the penalty area, because space always appears from all sides and teams are playing against Tondela always has many goal positions in occasional moments.”

The coach was now, in 1999, a hero to Beira Mar when he scored the winning goal against Campomarios in the Portuguese Cup final when Aveiro’s side were already relegated to League Two, a situation similar to what is now Tondela. suffer. “Being in the cup final is an incentive for those who have just been relegated, and Tondela has an advantage over us at that time: the cup final is played a week after the tournament ends. Our participation was after three weeks. And the coach’s participation would be very important. We had a mental manager, my father, our coach , who was for me the main responsible for winning the cup, for the motivation he gave us and what made us forget during those three weeks, and made us believe that it was a match that would leave us in history. So Nuno will be important to motivate his team.”

Kahn Vitina and Fabio Vieira
Alternatives to Thiago Dantas…

Ricardo Sousa was an organized midfielder and considers Tondella to have a player who is being “abused”. “Tiago Dantas is one of the best players at the national level and does not have the chances he deserves. He usually plays in the cup and if he plays in the final he can be a great asset, especially for controlling the match, for his ability to manage the pace of the Tondela match. He is one of the most important players in a team less than 21 years old and players like Vitina and Fabio Vieira were his replacements in previous teams.”

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