Wanessa Camargo celebrates a new project with her father and talks about the new phase of her life

Amidst the launch of the project with her father Zezé Di Camargo, Wanessa Camargo recalls the panic crisis and professional and personal growth and also denies rumors about her personal life

the singer Vanessa Camargo You are in a new phase of your personal and professional life. She just launched a new project with her singer father Zizi de CamargoAnd there’s nothing to celebrate. In addition, the artist was also recently fired from Marcus Boyeswith whom he lived for 17 years and is the father of their two children, Jose Marcos (10) and John Francisco (7).

in conversation with CARAS . TVThe artist spoke about her musical partnership with her father, recalling the panic attacks that were revealed on the family’s Netflix show, commenting on her maturity and also denying rumors that she is going to meet her ex-boyfriend. Dolabella data. paying off:

New music project by Wanessa and Zezé Di Camargo

Wanessa and Zezé Di Camargo together on the song. The father and daughter launched the Pai & Filha project which just won the video for the song Daqui a 20 Anos. The two want to release new tracks and tracks before touring in the coming months.

Wanessa is happy with the project and has commented on what working with her father is like. “I think things have a good time to happen. Since I started my career there has always been this desire to do a project with my dad and ask from the public. We had that desire, but I always had a back foot, and I always avoided approaching my dad professionally. Because of all this beginning, from the crowd saying, “Ah, she’s in her dad’s mark.” Time was so precious to me to be able to tell my story to people, to make my story happen, to have a stable job and a place of my own, even now, after 21 years in the business , I can look at and say: OK Dad, now I don’t need to prove anything to anyone anymore. So we can do the project together. Then the pandemic came and made the direct connection between us a lot closer, and we started thinking about the project”She said.

The singer also highlighted the partnership in ammunition selection and the pride of both. “He came up with the idea for the album, and the Netflix series. Everything has come together to do now. It was a pleasure to do so with him. We discovered a musical hub, inside the repertoire, where I could score in my repertoire and also in his repertoire. It’s a beautiful project, quality, poetic, timeless songs, we brought in re-recordings and unreleased ones as well. And we have the unreleased Daqui 20 anos, which is showing the clip for the first time now. People are very happy. This does not prevent us from doing our individual projects, we do Pai & Filha, Zezé Di Camargo, Luciano, Amigos and his rural project and I am also working on my project from the ground“, He said.

Then she added:For me, it will always be bigger. I am a daughter, for me he will always have a “cool” place, it is my father. The cool thing is, because I’m now 20 years into my career, and I’ve gained a lot of experience, I mean the technical part of the job, understanding how production works, how it’s done, vocally, I’m going to teach him some of the things that I do. And he let me show him another place, and he somehow opened up, and I’m so happy to hear him say, “I’m learning a lot today with Wanessa.” It makes me so proud, it wasn’t my intention to be bigger than ever, but to have the security of knowing what I want in my life, and to bring it to work as well. I am proud of what I have come to professionally.“.

The effects of the pandemic and the panic crisis on her life

Wanessa Camargo talked about her new idea of ​​enjoying the moment with family and friends when remembering what was shown in the Netflix series. “I wasn’t that close to my mom and dad. From my mother, physically, I am not, but I talk to her almost every day. And the pandemic has brought this urgency to truly being with those you care about and deserve to spend your time with. Time has become more valuable in this pandemic, because we have seen people we love go away. My opinion of the time today is completely different, and I leave nothing for tomorrow, because we don’t really know, we only have it now. This was all so present to me in the pandemic, how precious time is.‘, he announced.

Thus, the artist took the opportunity to vent about the effects of life on her life, as her personal life was well revealed in the media. “Today we see very popular on social networks, almost those fanatics, you know, fantasies that are created around your life that are fiction. If you stay all day defending what is real or not, then first people tend to believe in others more than yourself, unless someone knows you, and you will spend the day denying others. So there is a maturity that I have gained over time, having lived a public life, which was often painful due to exposure, knowing that silence is often an answer, and silence says a lot. Silence does not mean agreeing to something, but silence is necessary because it is a game you do not win. It’s exhausting, a waste of time. For me, attitudes and time are much more expensive. So whatever is real shows itself over time, and you don’t have to keep proving anything. I am at a very special time in my life‘, he announced.

Then she commented on her panic attack and also her shift in thinking to what really matters in life. “My life a few years ago has been very blessed. So I understood why panic sometimes came. I don’t have depression, I suffer from panic disorder. In my case, I’m here and I’m starting to think my heart is beating fast, and I’m starting to feel…thanks today I’m at another stage, somewhere else. I’m doing really well, I don’t have crises all the time, they are accurate, and everything is fine. One thing I’ve learned over time: What do I owe to the audience besides my music, what do I owe? What can I share that makes sense? For me, it makes sense what one can add to another’s life. So there are places where I share well of my own world, which I will not share, and what is of my own world that can add to a person’s life“, She said.

Wanessa and Marcos Boaz split up

The singer talked about the announcement of the separation and how the relationship with her ex-husband is going. “We so much preferred that we talk about our breakup before they started talking about undeserved things. Even when we do it in the most respectful way in the world, people keep talking. So we made the decision to announce it to the public because, obviously, a new phase is beginning in my children’s lives, my life and Marcus’ life. Then people will see it, they will not understand it and talk a lot about nonsense. This is what we decided. I think our truth is on the inside. I have on top of me knowing that Marcus is also that way, on top of him, two very young beings who are experiencing a much more challenging moment for them. So two kids in the middle of this process are our priority and always will be. And our relationship will be eternal because of that“, He said.

It’s my private life, and it won’t add to anyone’s life, unless I become a gossip. What matters is that I’m fine, it’s a challenge, everything is fine. Marcus and I have a very respectful and emotional relationship. It’s been such a successful story, it’s been 17 years together, I have so much gratitude, we built a beautiful family that will be a family forever and that’s what’s important. We’re going to have a new cycle, and that’s a challenge too, for everyone, it’s a place where we have to be very careful and really protect ourselves and stay with those who know us, with those we love.“, he added.

Rumors about personal life

Wanessa has also found herself in the midst of rumors that she will be dating ex-boyfriend Dado Dolabella. In a conversation with TV CARAS, she denied this and said that her focus is on taking care of her children and her career. “I can’t silence people. I wouldn’t be crazy to sue everyone for everything, that’s not the role. That’s what I told you, people will have … the outside will get louder, the hurricane will be there, and here I am in the middle, resolute and strong, safe, and I take care of what really matters. Now I focus a lot on my career, I focus a lot on my kids, and on my home. And that’s what matters. The rest of my life I lived through moments like this. People say I’m depressed, I’m bad, I’m fine! I am in very good shape, ready to work, willing to do my things, full of projects, and that is the challenge I have to live with now. What goes on inside the thing, life, only you know. Everything we do is done with great care and respect. We are here for the kids and that won’t change. If there were people with intentions, and they wanted us to turn whoops, I wouldn’t play this game, and I wouldn’t. So when we pay attention to something, we increase that thing. There is a phrase from a man whom I loved very much, Osho, which is: “If you pay attention to what you do not like, you increase it.” So I give my attention to where I should focus, not on that‘, he announced.

Finally, the reporter Valensa Sotero Asked: “Are you dating your ex?She replied:I’m not going back to my ex-boyfriend. It’s my focus on my kids and my career“.

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