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Imagine that you joined Arya Stark, one of the most ruthless killers in the world game of thrones, to fight alongside… Shaggy, Scooby-Doo’s bumbling friend. Or the dark Batman with flashy Tom and Jerry, who try to hit each other while accidentally hitting their opponents.

yes, MultiVersus It’s a mess, but it makes perfect sense. The new free fighting game from Warner Bros. (WB) and Player First Games – this is the studio’s first title – it’s a joke, and this is the best quality. The title doesn’t take itself too seriously, embracing the meme as part of its essence; After all, it’s not every day that we see Super Saiyan Sausage, as in the trailer below.

The Canaltech He was invited by Warner Bros. For early access to MultiVersus. We were also able to meet with one of the game’s producers for a few minutes. Here are our first impressions.

A Smash Bros. , but it’s different

It is impossible not to compare MultiVersus The Smash Bros.. , from Nintendo (or even a file treefrom Ubisoft). The essence is the same: it is a 2D fighting game, where the damage to opponents corresponds to the force with which they are thrown outside the ring. Here, battles involve up to four players, and the default mode is 2 vs. 2 (2 vs 2).

Bugs Bunny is a Wizard-class character and therefore can summon aliens, like this ACME missile (screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech)

MultiVersus technical director himself, John Desta, admitted to referring in an interview with Canaltech. “in my opinion, Super Smash Bros. It was the game that started in the platform fighting genre. We used that inspiration, but we started something from scratch,” he said. The question that guided the entire development of the title was “How can we bring this type of game, with a focus on 2v2, to all players?” “.

The game has some interesting features. The first is that each character has its own class, such as boxer (fighting with fist, close range), tank (defense), supporter, assassin or magician. Playstyle can also be horizontal, vertical, or mixed. This information is available on the character selection screen.

Scenarios are vivid and dynamic, with walls and objects that can be destroyed or used in battle (screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech)

Desta gave the following example: “Suppose you choose Wonder Woman, a tank, and your partner chooses Steven Universe, for support. This means that Wonder Woman doesn’t have to act as a tank as much, because Steven is already there to support him, and she can now wield more attack” .

The game has a few characters, but it has huge potential

Another advantage between the Nintendo game and Warner Bros. It’s the jumble: they both blend completely different universes. at Smash Bros.We’re even starting to see characters from other companies enter the melting pot, making it a true “celebration” of video games as a whole. at MultiVersusWe still don’t have such an extensive catalog of characters – there are only 15. We don’t have that many maps either: the most relevant are Batcave, Jake and Finn’s Treehouse.

Character selection screen (screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech)

This shouldn’t be a problem, after all, let’s face it: Intellectual property is not missing from Warner. The entertainment giant, for example, owns the rights to Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, DC, HBO, and more. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the arrival of perks like Harry PotterAnd Lord of the ringsAnd human kombat or matrix, for example; There is a world of multiverse (pardon the word game) to be explored in the game.

The game also has a Discord server where you can suggest names to developers, which is a great sign – go here. We asked Diesta if it’s possible for characters from outside the WB world to enter, as happens in Smash Bros.but he could not answer.

He noted that while the game unites both the comedy and the mature franchises, “our goal has always been to create a world where the tone is light but not silly.” The director added, “All characters have to be authentic about their intellectual properties and their worlds – you won’t see Batman throwing a joke, for example. But they also have to co-exist with lighter characters like Jake and Finn from Adventure Time.”

And believe me, you’ll want to test all the characters. There is a huge range of movements to master, and the movements and animations vary greatly. There is also a specific experience offering for each one: the more you progress, the more interactions, emotions, and even skins will be unlocked. In addition, there are four advantage slots: three of which grant greater offensive or defensive power, and one that is character-specific.

Taz progress screen (screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech)

The choice of fighters can also change the way they interact with each other: if Taz plays alongside Harley Quinn, he can say “Don’t mess with the clown girl,” and Bug can call Jake “tight.” The game is translated into Brazilian Portuguese, but the dubbing is still in English; However, Warner Bros. The version of the game is guaranteed by the fonts in our language. Characters also drop some themed items, like a Scooby Snax box, which can heal anyone who picks it up, for example.

Although that is not the focus of this text, I was interested to see how the development team would benefit MultiVersus in the competitive sports scene. The game will also have a championship at this year’s EVO.

“MultiVersus is heading to EVO with a 2v2 tournament hosted by wbgames, rewarding the top 32 teams! Get your buddy and sign up for Open Alpha at to improve your skills. Registration for #Evo2022 opens on 05/30!”

Free, but with in-app purchases

We have to applaud the decision to keep the game free, but with a battle pass for those who want to go further on the cosmetic part. It remains to be seen if Player First Games will charge for the addition of new fighters, but if the studio lives up to its name (“player first”, in the free translation), it will keep the existing scheme.

Examples of Tom and Jerry skins (Image: Advertising/Warner Bros. Games)

Speaking about the studio’s name, Desta noted: “It’s in our name. [os jogadores] I feel heard. Everything that happens should come naturally, because we care about society, and hopefully society will take care of us too. This is a game as a service, and I think it will become something bigger than it already is.”

In the preview, some characters were blocked from being used. To unlock them, you had to pay in the game’s currency, gold, earned while playing – in a few hours, I managed to guarantee Arya Stark 2,000 gold coins. If future characters in the game follow the same pattern, it will be a victory – in Smash Bros.additional characters are sold out in the DLC… and you already pay R$300 in the base game.

Not all characters were immediately available; Each one costs 2,000 gold coins, which are obtained when completing internal quests (Screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech)

There are two menus that we didn’t get to in the preview yet: one represented by a banner icon, and the other being a shopping cart (ie a store). We can’t hit the hammer just yet on local purchases, but we’re hopeful about what we’ve seen so far.

The Battle Pass, in turn, is divided into two parts: one with free rewards and the other with premium (paid) rewards. The best items are paid, which consists of the taunts the characters can do during the match and even the onscreen animations when the opponent is defeated. But this is not a problem, after all, it is already a practice accepted by the industry and the public for monetization.

The game is free to play, but it will have a Battle Pass as a form of monetization (Screenshot: Felipe Goldenboy/Canaltech)

Is MultiVersus worth it?

From the little we’ve been able to play so far, it’s a result MultiVersus Very satisfying: the game is fun, chaotic and frantic. In my opinion, it might be crazier, by the way, but it works really well. Seeing so many lovable characters together on a paddle is fun, and it should be even better if you’re a fan of them. Since the game is free, it is definitely worth a try.

The Multiverse of Madness is here (Photo: Disclosure/Warner Bros Games)

MultiVersus In 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC with via play (For example, users of one platform will be able to play freely with users of another platform) and through progress (Your progress will be shared across multiple devices). The game will undergo closed alpha testing between May 19 and 27. To apply, visit the official website.

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