There’s a new brunch in Porto fit for kings. They even have snacks for pets.

There’s a new brunch in Porto fit for kings. They even have snacks for pets.

Monarca is located in one of the busiest areas of Baixa and combines a lunch and bar concept.

Eggs and pancakes are the most common items in any brunch, they are really classic items for this type of meal and some people can’t get pregnant without them. However, this does not mean that there is no room for innovation and that everyone is equal. Proof of this is at Monarca, Porto’s new brunch.

The space has been open as a bar since October, and the space now takes on a new dimension with brunch, launched on February 24th. The idea was to create something different that would combine good food and cocktails that would stand out at home. “We are three partners and friends already operating in the area, and we have a nightclub in town that has been closed during the pandemic, so we decided to go ahead with a bar,” says Luis Ferreira, one of the officials.

The goal was to make something different and it could be a place for a drink before going out for the night, for example. However, it eventually evolved into a brunch bar, or a bar that also served brunch, adding light snacks to cocktails and sangria at any time of the day.

The space is in the Sedovita district, in the former palace of the princes. Although the royal family never lived there, the stately home had that name, hence the idea for the king. However, do not think that there are unreachable kings and queens here, as history has taught us. At Monarca, everyone can be kings and queens, as it’s a modern all-encompassing concept evidenced by a giant painting of drag queen Jessica Taub placed in the inner room.

In addition to being all inclusive, the space is pet friendly and also has some treats for the animals to match the owners. The goal is for everyone to feel satisfied, so there is an outside terrace, an internal terrace and even a room closer to the kitchen – which is open just like a bar.

If the style of the interior is more about the idea of ​​luxury and palace, then the exterior contrasts with a more industrial décor. Whatever space is chosen, comfort and simplicity are guaranteed, but always in style.

As for the menu, when we talk about brunch, it bears the signature of chef David Amorim, who adds a very Portuguese twist to his creations. The result that can be tasted today took about two months to be refined, among many tests and improvements, but it was well worth it due to the difference and quality of the dishes served.

“It is honest food, with flavour, made with care and balanced. It is almost a work of art and everyone who passes through the kitchen congratulates the chef,” notes Lewis.

Moving on to what really matters, the menu features a variety of Benedict eggs, but the Monarca (€9.50), with pulled pork belly, Parmesan cheese and chili, are the house specials. In this area you can also find Bacon Benedict (€9), vegetarian (€9.50) or salmon (10.50€).

On the menu of other snacks are mushroom toast (€8.50), bacon and scrambled eggs (€9) or vegetarian toast (€8.50), but also more complex dishes such as hamburger (€9) or vegan burgers. (9.50 euros) ). All of these options can be shared if you prefer, especially Shakshuka (€9.50).

Don’t worry because there are also sweets on the menu, such as red fruit pies (6€), homemade banana and chocolate (6€), 50 percent cocoa chocolate cake (4€) or the chef’s dessert (4€) which varies every day.

Brunch lovers will find the royal brunch here every day (€17), a menu that includes the juice of the day, your choice of eggs Benedict, your choice of pancakes and American coffee or tea. If it’s too early – or too late – and you don’t dare eat a full brunch, you can always stick to bread or croissants with butter or jam or chocolate ganache (€2.20) and make a full menu with coffee or orange juice for €3.

In terms of drinks, the highlight are the sangria (from 5 to 6 euros a cup) and signature cocktails such as the bourgeoisie (8 euros), the marquis (6 euros), the clown (7 euros) or the D. 7 euros). If you prefer, you can also find classics such as the Moscow Mule (8€), Negroni (9€), Universal (9€) or Caipirinha (5€).

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