The technology market can open up opportunities for ‘tech recruits’. See tips

The technology industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world, but the supply of professionals does not seem to be keeping pace with the demand. According to data from Indeed, the job site, of the 15 most difficult jobs to fill, 11 are tech-related. In Brazil, data from January to March 2022 shows that the most difficult position to fill on the list is Development Operations Engineer, or DevOps Engineer, with 59% of jobs remaining open for at least two months.

Madalina Cicarino, Indeed Senior Director of Corporate Communications for Latin America, explains that the frenetic market means that in addition to tech professionals themselves, hiring niche tech is also an area with opportunities in Brazil. “Technology recruiters seek candidates for all kinds of technical roles, from programming and development to security and maintenance,” he says.

The possibilities for recruits wanting to major in technology are huge, as they are largely responsible for finding candidates for jobs in the area. A study conducted by the Consortium of Information Technology and Communications Companies – TIC, and Digital Technologies – Brascom, in 2019, indicated that the number of graduates in this field amounted to 46 thousand specialists annually, while the estimated demand until 2024 will reach almost 70 thousand.

For those who like to diversify their tasks, the track is also attractive. Technical recruiters have many responsibilities, from administering technical exams to making critical hiring decisions. Finally, there is also a good perspective for growth in the region. With experience, it is possible to become a top-tier HR professional.

Tips for getting started in this field Thinking about the growth of this market, Indeed has listed some tips for recruiters who want to get started or specialize in technology.

Learn about the industry in your area
It is important to learn about the industry, especially in your geographic area, to determine the candidate base. In larger cities, it may be easier to find multiple qualified candidates for a job, while smaller areas may require more searches.

Understand the different types of jobs
The technology industry is extensive, so a tech recruiter can take on many different roles. Developing strategies to fill the most popular positions can help move the hiring process forward quickly. Consider the common skills the candidate should have, the programming languages ​​and software he should know, and the amount of experience and education required.

Learn about common interview questions and tests
The technical recruiter will likely be the first person to select or interview the candidate, so getting comfortable with basic interview questions and programming tests can help you make better hiring decisions. It is important to know how long the exams usually take to complete and the minimum requirements to pass the various assessments. Another tip is to make a list of the items you expect to hear in interview responses to get a standardized rating system.

Know where to look for candidates
The technical recruiter can be more proactive by knowing where to look for candidates. Direct contact with candidates across different platforms, including recruitment boards specializing in programming and larger recruitment networks, can help assemble a larger pool of candidates. Some places to look for potential candidates are colleges, training camps, networking events, and conferences.

The data is obtained according to job vacancies posted on Indeed in Brazil and represents the list of jobs open for more than 60 days, from January 2022 to the end of March 2022. Although jobs may be open for more than 60 days for a variety of reasons, in fact This procedure is used as an alternative to recruitment difficulties.



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