The future is technical and Ceará is investing in it with Planeta Jovens – Egídio Serpa

The question has conquered the world of those who think and act in an increasingly technological world: “What will become of the future?”

Concerned about all that this question allows to think, Mauro Oliveira, who was Dean of the Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Ceará (IFCE) and today, so to speak, addressed to a growing group of people passionate about Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), quickly responds someone, like him , predicts what will happen 50 years from now:

“The future is urgent,” he says.

In his opinion, today, especially in Ceará, there is what he considers a “digital abyss”, which, in order to overcome it, requires an extraordinary leap on the part of society. However, there is nothing that Ciara’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit cannot overcome.

Mauro Oliveira and colleagues at Iracema Digital – a well-established online social community around technology – have discovered a way to engage Ceará youth in technology projects in the near future. The director has a name: the project “Young Planet”.

His goal is to “awaken in young people a sense of responsibility for the future of the planet, increase self-esteem, a spirit of solidarity, leadership and happiness,” as he puts it.

What will be explored? Mauro Oliveira has the answer on the tip of his tongue:

“The Role of Youth,” “Future Thinking,” Education for the Future, Literacy for the Future, Inclusion for the Future, Maker Culture, Game Culture, Metaverse.”

As can be seen, it is a typical term for those who inhabit the world of ICT, including PT lingajar expressions.

The President of the Ceará Foundation for the Support of Scientific and Technological Development, Tarcísio Pequeno, who presented the project in detail yesterday, not only liked “Planeta Jovem”, but also promised financial support for its business.

Ricardo Liebmann, of Secrel, who heads Fortaleza Digital, with Mauro Oliveira, told the column that Funcap’s president “quickly realized the huge potential” of Young Planet and called Jorge Soares, Director of Funcap Innovation; Antonio Macedo and Jorge Lira are scholars in the fields of digital transformation and education, respectively.

“We received from Funcap, on that occasion, a seal of support, as well as a gesture of care to carry out an essential part of the project. Among this support, there is a scientific method for measuring the impact of an event that deserves to be highlighted,” Lippmann commented.

Daniel Goularte, of the Pogoja Museum (“Vampura Play”, in Ceará) and coordinator of “Planeta Goffins”, participated in the meeting with Tarcisio Pequeno, providing details of the operation of the project, whose part will be shared face-to-face on August 27.

The online part (metaverse) will start the next day, and end on the 5th of November with the presentation of “outputs” presented by young people at the knowledge fair in Secitece (Minister of Science and Technology in the State Government of Ceará).

Mauro Oliveira and Ricardo Liebmann take the opportunity to report on: Energy Transition, Environment, Sea Economy, School of the Future and Digital Health are the five pathways that must be addressed (achievable) by the selected young people who will embark on the “Planet Young” metaverse.

The two emphasized highlighting the support provided by the partners IFCE, Seduc, Sedet and the municipality of Sobral, which is responsible for planning and implementing the project.

Today, not only in Ceará, but in Brazil as a whole, there is a shortage of skilled ICT workers. Here, for example, companies in the region lost software developers hired by foreign organizations, in dollars, and with an added advantage: they do not need to change their address, because they work from home.

It is this workforce that Iracema Digital with its “Planeta Jovem” project trains, qualifies and introduces to the market. All in the short term, because it is worth repeating, the future is urgent, and it has already arrived.

Here comes energy on the agenda

The monthly event of the Confederation of Energy Industries Ceará (Sindienergia-CE), held in partnership with Fiec and Sebrae, will be the 17th edition of “Energia em Pauta” on the 26th, at 17:00, covering “Transmission Lines: Projected Investments in the Energy Development Plan” – PDE 2031″.

Reeve Barros dos Santos, Director of Engineering at Chesf, confirmed their attendance at the debate. Eric Eduardo Rigo, Director of Electrical Energy Studies at Empresa de Pesquisa Energética – EPE; and Gustavo Silva, COO of Qair Brasil. The discussion will be moderated by Sindienergia-CE President Luis Carlos Queiroz.

“Energia em Pauta” will be implemented when an estimated investment of about R$50 billion is announced by the federal government in electric power transmission lines, which will drain energy produced from renewable sources in the northeastern states.

This estimate was included in the Electricity Sector Development Plan until 2031, which was considered an advance payment due to the record value of the investments. However, it has caused some frustration in the sector due to the deadline for applying the resources – until 2031.

In order for the sector to be able to fully develop to ensure greater energy security for the country, it will be necessary to invest much higher than what has been announced. In this way, our production capacity will be explored more efficiently and will reach other countries and regions without much difficulties. To get an idea of ​​what this represents, of the top 10 countries with the highest solar production capacity, seven are in the Northeast. This needs to be appreciated,” asserts the president of Sindienergia-CE, Luis Carlos Queiroz.

He adds, “The authorities must realize that investing in new transmission lines and upgrading existing ones is an investment in energy efficiency, cost reduction and sustainability. For a country of Brazilian proportions, this measure should be seen as a strategic investment measure with a significant positive impact.”

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