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Photography blog Capture the Atlas collected files The 25 Best Milky Way Photographs of 2022, for the 5th Edition of the Milky Way Photographer of the Year Competition. As explained by the organization, many objects are invisible when looking at the night sky “with the naked eye”. But when using the right equipment to look at the space, a whole new world is distinguished, not lacking in detail, color and light.

The competition winning images also show landscapes that look like stories like Star Wars and Star Trek, from our own Milky Way. Pictures Captured in different parts of the world, from the remote deserts of Xingjan, Atacama, and Utah. But also the landscape has spread across Tibet, Australia and New Zealand, not lacking in glaciers, volcanoes, mountains, and beaches. However, they all have one thing in common: they have the Milky Way as a backdrop.

See 25 winning photos of the Milky Way in the gallery

All the photos tell a story about the alignment of the elements that inspired the composition created by the photographers.. For example, a lake in Tibet freezes during the winter, which at night reaches minus 20 degrees, when you can hear ice cracking. Another image shows Lake Bonny, in Australia, whose reflection of water shows the brightness of the stars, in impressive contrast with the sky.

There are 25 great photos, all of which are difficult to evaluate in terms of their quality, color palettes, and all their details.. Even the stone carvings made by the Native Americans of the volcanic region are the protagonists of a photo taken in California.

The blog contains a guide for all photographers who want to start their adventure of taking pictures of the Milky Way, Machine definitions, a calendar with the best days of the year, plus many practical examples. The 25 winning photos are also accompanied by a list of equipment used and their respective settings.

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