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From May 30 to June 1, the Brazilian Congress of Beer Science and Technology reaches its 17th edition, at the Sao Paulo Fair. As part of the biennial Brasil Brau, the largest beer industry fair in Latin America, the forum will bring together national and international names to present topics related to production, inputs, technologies, perspectives, trends and ideas in the beer market.

The longest-lived Congress in the sector, in existence since 1989, this year has an unprecedented partnership with Instituto da Cerveja Brasil (ICB), a reference school for brewing training in the country. The lecture series was moderated by Alfredo Ferreira, Estacio Rodriguez and Cathia Zanata, the managing partners of the Institute responsible for training more than 11,000 students. “The market has evolved a lot. In 1980, the scenario was only for large breweries producing one or two styles of brew. Since then, there has been a big change with an explosion in the number of breweries – there are now more than 1,300 in the country – as well as a diversification of Available styles. Of course, the consumer also changed his profile and requirements, which made the entire market forced to readjust”, the trio analyzes.

The vision of professionals, whose pioneering careers are intertwined with the history of professionalization of the country’s brewing sector – Cathía, for example, is the first Brazilian Biersommelière – contributes to the formation of a network that looks at the market in all its extension. Among the confirmed names is Finnish Anikka Wilhelmson, vice president of Innovation and Craft Food at the Viking Malt malt group. With a PhD in Chemical Technology and a research-focused work in the sciences of fermentation, fermentation and bioprocessing, she will share her experience using the input, in order to get the best result.

Alejandro Cortes will go over the secrets of Dry Hopping, a hop-adding technique that enhances the sensual aspects of beer, such as flavor and aroma. The Mexican would offer lessons learned by hand: He was a homebrewer; became the founder of Cervecería de Colima, the fastest growing craft brewery in Mexico; won more than 15 national and international awards; became the first Cicerone® developed in Latin America; Since 2019, he has been running experimental nano-brewery John I. Haas.

From the Czech Republic to the event, Thomas Kinkel will lead a lecture on the secrets of Czech beer and decoction techniques, tracing the relationship between culture and industry in the Czech Republic and the specific conditions of production for one of the world’s most valued beer companies.

In the role of chemical engineer and brewer Rodrigo Sanchez, sustainability in beer production will be on the agenda. Currently leading the application area at IFF for the brewing industry, the Brazilian will share his knowledge of using enzymes for more sustainable brewing.

The conference was also attended by Eduardo Senna, Leandro Sequili, Luisa Tolosa and Yumi Shimada. Representatives of the brewing media Hora do Gole, Graja Beer brewery, Dádiva brewery and Japas brewery, respectively, will join a panel presented by Heineken and mediated by Beatriz Ruiz to discuss diversity and inclusion in the beer market.

Those interested in following up on these and other lectures at the 17th Brazilian Congress of Science and Technology Cervejeira can purchase their tickets on the Brasil Brau website. The advice is the passport guarantee for three days of programming, which has a significant discount, and the visitor absorbs all the available content. Entry to the conference is allowed for visitors to the Brazil Brau Fair.

Here are some of the topics and speakers, and event updates are available on the Brasil Brau website:

May 30 (Mon)

9 a.m.: ALEJANDRO CORTÉS (Mexico) – Mastering Dry Nav: Great Secrets to Efficiency and Better Sensory Results

11:45 am: ANIKKA WILHELMSON (FINLAND) – Private barley lesson: understanding the differences, where to use and how to extract the best result

2:30 p.m.: Stefan Robb – The Heart Beats in the Brewhouse – Understand the importance and impact of design on every piece of cooking equipment for quality and efficiency

15:45: RODRIGO VERONESE (Brazil) – An amazing Italian grape production

May 31 (Tuesday)

9:00 am: JOSÉ IVAN DE LIMA (Brazil) – Non-alcoholic beer production – Heineken 00% success

10:20 a.m.: WALTER SANCHES AND ALEXANDER STOGNIY – Overcoming high-gravity challenges for craft breweries – What are the key technologies and equipment involved in high-gravity brewing and challenges being overcome in craft brewing projects

11:45 am: EDUARDO SENA, LEANDRO SEQUELLE, LUIZA TOLOSA, YUMI SHIMADA (Brazil) – Diversity and inclusion in the beer market

14:30: TOMAS KIMCL (Czech Republic) – Secrets of Czech beer and decoction techniques

15:45: André Junquera (Brazil) – How to set up a sour beer program

June 1 (Wednesday)

9 am: RODRIGO ZAMPAR (Brazil) – The brewery of the future: how to optimize resources to reduce environmental impact as well as improve costs through the use of membrane technologies

10:20 a.m.: JÉSSICA LOPES (Brazil) – Secrets that made your brewery boom on social media

11:45 am: RODRIGO SANCHES (Brazil) – Sustainability in beer production

2:30 p.m.: KATHIA ZANATTA and MARI SCIOTTI (Brazil) – Exploring Brazilian beer pairing and sustainable cuisine


Brasil Brau 2022 – 16th International Beer Technology Exhibition, 17th Brazilian Conference on Beer Science and Technology, Brewer Hall

Date: May 30 to June 1, 2022

Opening Hours: Exposed from 1pm to 8pm; Congress from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m

Location: Pavilion 3 São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center – Rodovia dos Imigrantes, Km 1.5 – São Paulo – SP – Brazil

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