Santa Rita de Casilla: victim of domestic violence who became a saint of ‘Impossible Causes’

  • Edison Vega
  • From Bled (Slovenia) to BBC News Brazil

Santa Rita de Cassia, in a 15th-century portrait by an unknown author

credit, public domain

Illustrative image,

On May 22, the day of Santa Rita di Cassia, an Italian who lived between 1381 and 1457, is celebrated.

For many adults of holiness, when a saint has a life close to the normal life of an ordinary person, though on the paths of such unshakable virtues, it helps to create sympathy for believers.

This explains the popularity of Santa Rita de Cassia, an Italian who lived between 1381 and 1457, among Brazilian devotees.

She lived in her time what we live today: violence inside and outside the family, an escalation of hatred, poverty and misery. [Não à toa, é] widespread in Brazil”, comments writer J. Alves, graduate in theology, president of the Brazilian Academy of Hegology and author of, among other books, Santa Rita de Cassia – Novena and Biography.

“The fame of the myriad miracles spread, and certainly reached Brazil with the colonists who brought Catholicism to the new land,” adds Holiness scholar José Luis Lera, founder of the Brazilian Academy of Hagologiology and professor at the State University of Val do Aracach. from Ceara.

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