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The 24-year-old musician from Duque de Caxias, Rio de Janeiro, brings millionaire numbers with foreign funk fans – on Friday (20) he released the recording of his new show, produced in Lisbon: favela “

“It’s so cool to take over the world, forget about it!” Kevin or Kris He takes a wave, but accurately sums up the moment he’s in – not just him, but an entire movement that has left the Brazilian fringes and is occupying the world today. You are no longer. Who said it was the hitmaker Duque de Caxias himself, who saw his songs gain billions of views and cross the ocean to places like Portugal, Angola, and the United States. Kicks off on Friday (20) boy’s dreamHis new DVD was recorded at the Altice Arena in Lisbon. There, paths like “developed”And “Let’s go to the cage” And “She is kind” a special tone.

'Dream of a Boy': Kevin or Chris DVD recorded in Portugal (disclosure)
‘Dream of a Boy’: Kevin or Chris DVD recorded in Portugal (disclosure)

For the singer, who has already broken chart records in Brazil since 2019, worldwide immersion is a movement that transcends music: “Transmitting our voice to the world is a political act,” he says, “in combination, through rhythms and choreography.” We bring the peripheral movement which is the funk, we bring the favela culture, we bring the life-changing voice in Brazil, that employs thousands of people, that changes the reality of many families.”

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“Our sound came from the favela, made it to Playboy concerts, mixed with other rhythms, which work in the international market, such as pop, rap and dirt, and today it is in the biggest music festivals,” says O’Chris. “It has changed and so has the people who consume music” .

I changed within Brazil and also traveled. Today, partnerships with names like Drake, Dulce Maria And welcome Part of Kevin’s routine. “Vai Rebola Pro Pai – It’s Kind”, accomplished with drake, crossed the 50 million stream mark, only on Spotify. “Tipo Gin” reached number two on Spotify Portugal and number one on iTunes there. This prompted Chris to decide to schedule the recording of his new show in Europe: “The Portuguese listen to my music a lot.”

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It’s exactly about this movement, from the expansion and global domination of the funk, that Rolling Stone BrazilTalking to Kevin oh Chris – By the way, we got details about your new DVD. Check it out below:

Kevin or Chris V
Kevin or Chris in “Sonho de Garoto”, DVD recorded in Portugal (reproduction/Instagram)

Rolling Stone Brazil: Kevin, you’re going through a moment of global fame – Anita, you’re in Africa and Europe, Pedro Sampaio founded in the international chart… What do you think is the difference between this moment and the previous ones?
Kevin or Chris: Funk lived several moments until it reached what we are experiencing, thanks to other artists who came before this current generation and have been consolidating our music, such as paizão Mr. Katra. Our sound came from the favela, reached Playboy concerts, mixed with other rhythms, which operate in the international market, such as pop, rap, and rap, and today it is in the biggest music festivals. Times have changed and so have the people who consume music. My Voice With Drake Has Over 50 Million Plays On Spotify And He’s Not Just Playing Dance Anymore, It’s All Over The World! Our journey is still long, and we will work hard for the respect of the funk in Brazil, and the funk singers to conquer more spaces, until we reach the top and stay. But looking back, the reality was different.

Rolling Stone Brazil: You have taken your show to Angola now, and you also have an experience in Portugal. Does this desire to take your career outside of Brazil exist? Is this your goal?
Kevin or Chris: certainly! My dream as an artist is to take funk even further. He made my voice reach different countries, showing the reality of this life-transforming movement of extremities. Funk is not just a sound, it saves lives and saves lives. I’m so happy to be a funk, to be able to show a little bit of reality inside the slums, through my voice.

Kevin or Chris: I think bringing our voice to the world is a political act, regardless of language
Kevin O’Chris: “I think bringing our voice out to the world is a political act, regardless of language” (reproduction)

Rolling Stone Brazil: Speaking of this global interest, I recorded a DVD in Portugal. How was the choice to record the Brazilian funk show Carioca there?
Kevin or Chris: Since I was young I always wanted to conquer the world with my voice and be able to have a successful career in funk. Today that dream came true, I live from my music and I’ve been conquering things I could never have imagined! We decided to make my third DVD of my career in Portugal, people enjoy funk, love my voice and always strengthen me as an artist. Digital platforms give us a very real parameter of what we achieve and the Portuguese listen to my music a lot. “Tipo Gin” hit #1 and #2 on Spotify Portugal, it was the most listened to iTunes song out there, seeing all this happen, and I wanted to reciprocate with a huge project that’s important to me.

Rolling Stone Brazil: We’re talking about Portugal and Angola…recently, we’ve seen artists of different genres from here go there. How does Brazilian music address this audience?
Kevin or Chris: Brazil knows how to make good music, right? [risos] No matter the style, we know how to stand out. Aside from having a very good mix in our voice, it’s hard for anyone not to like it! I think this combination makes people from outside really enjoy the show and feel the energy of Brazil.

Rolling Stone Brazil: Much is said about the challenge of singing in Portuguese on the international stage. To cite a recent example, we have Anitta composing in both English and Spanish. I preferred to follow another path, to take the music to Angola, for a Portuguese speaking audience like us. How was this decision? What’s next – or the next country?
Kevin or Chris: Anita not only sings in other languages, but is also ready to launch herself internationally. She has an international team and professional management and is doing a great job. My work outside of Brazil is a positive reflection of what I sing to my Brazilian fans. Drake, Dulce María and R3hab came through my bubbles that were happening in Brazil, thank God we were able to export these business with these partnerships. Vocal success in countries like Portugal and Angola also happens through digital platforms, which allow this exchange, external audiences to access and enjoy my music. I sing realistic and all I live inside the favela! I want to take root funk and all I am in the world. At some point I can enjoy another language, but now I’m getting over what’s showing up in Brazil.

Kevin or Chris:
Kevin or Chris: “No matter how funk is approached, the ability to break down barriers is really important” (reproduction)

Rolling Stone Brazil: Would you say that pursuing an international career, singing in Portuguese, is a political act?
Kevin or Chris: I believe that bringing our voice to the world is a political act, regardless of language. Together with rebolado, with rhythms and dance, we take the oceanic movement that is the funk, we take the favela culture, we take the life-changing sound of Brazil, which employs thousands of people, that transforms the reality of many families. I sing in Portuguese and have done a lot of international singing in our language, but no matter how the funk is approached, being able to break down barriers is really critical.

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Rolling Stone Brazil: And do you feel this closeness of the Lusophone community with our Brazilian music? How is your music received in these countries?
Kevin or Chris: The crowd is always greeted with an animal! The energy makes me feel in Brazil, a feeling that I am at home, and that our people welcome him. Although the language is the same, they live a different culture, yet they identify with our rhythm, with the sound of the slums. It’s a surreal exchange, I don’t even have the words to describe it, it’s a lot of feelings and very rewarding. Every time I step on stage outside my country, it makes me more confident that I’m on the right track. It’s the funk that takes over the world, forget it!

Rolling Stone Brazil: Speaking of Anitta, she’s on her new album now. How was this approach? Calling, registering…?
Kevin or Chris: I was about to release a song with Anitta, it’s been about three years since this track was recorded. The eternal king of funk, mr. Katra, I left some recorded voices with my brother Papatinho, and he and Anita invited me to join this song. I couldn’t refuse, the man who is one of the biggest funk inspirations and references, the number 1 in the world and one of the biggest producers today. We were just waiting for the right moment to leave! In the end, I had the opportunity to enter Anita’s international album, and the result was greater than everyone expected. The track already has more than 4 million plays on Spotify, hit on TikTok, and is an absolute hit.

Rolling Stone Brazil: Since launch Publications about meDid you feel a difference in your overall numbers? How was that?
Kevin or Chris: There was a difference, yes, Anitta’s international album always brings the view from the outside into the funk, and that made the numbers grow! This is very good for our voice and makes our funk more and more recognizable.

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