Pet Friendly Guide: Find out how businesses adapt

Before becoming a pet-friendly company, Purina raised that for millennials, the benefit of having pets in the office is better than having health insurance.

During the epidemic, pets were companions of those who adopted home office as a basis. Two years later, companies changed their outlook on employees’ lives and included space for pets in the office routine.

search Pets at workmade by Nestlé Purina Show it, among Millennials, 41% would choose a pet-friendly company over one that doesn’t treat dogs that walk the trails well. For a generation, the benefit is more important than having health insurance (39%). Last week, Nestlé began accepting pets on all floors of the São Paulo office. Animals must be pre-registered in the program and there is a limit of ten per floor.

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The Marsa company that owns brands such as Pedigree and Whiskas, was a pioneer in accepting pets in the office in Brazil. A survey conducted by the organization determined that there was a 2.8% increase in dogs and 3.6% in cats in Brazilian homes during the pandemic.

Caju is the pet of Fala Criativa’s Chief of Service, Emeline Domingues

The cashew is one of the pets of the public relations agency Speak HUB. The office in Sao Paulo began accepting animals when a staff member had difficulty separating from the pup she adopted during social isolation, the company’s chief of staff says cooperation between people has increased with the arrival of the pets.

Andrea Gherardini is the Director of People and Culture at Get Ninjas and takes Willie into the office whenever she can

startup Get Ninjas He conducted an internal survey and found that 63% of employees have pets. “Pets are gaining more space in homes and will naturally also take up space in the corporate world,” says Andrea Gherardini, director of people and culture at the startup. During the pandemic, pet owners have had their own channel of online communication, Ninja Pets. The canal was the greatest vehicle for relaxation and integration among employees at the time. Gerardini stops interacting and takes her dog Willie to the office whenever she can.

How to adapt to pets

Feeding and cleaning

Purina has built a brochure so other companies know what to do when providing a more flexible space for pets. As for hygiene, they point out that animals do not enter canteens. They also recommend alternative spaces for employees who have allergies or who cannot come into contact with animals to stay. Everything should be well marked. Cleaning is the responsibility of the owners. Worms, cats and dogs must be dewormed before arriving at the office. Mars follows the same standards as Nestlé for food and cleaning.

environmental regulation

It is important for the animal to become accustomed to and out of environments with a lot of people. Ideally, the owners schedule visits in advance to avoid accidents between dogs and cats. On Mars, for example, animals must be on a leash at all times.

Animals routine and accessories

At Fala Criativa, teachers take away the animals’ favorite toys, accessories and snacks. Tours are also released between appointments. “When I get to the office, I leave my things on the table and go for a walk and also go for a walk at lunch.” , says Dominguez.

Benefits and health plan

Get Ninjas offers “adoption support”. When an employee takes home a new pet, the startup sends out a set with toys, snacks, a collar, and other accessories. They are also entitled to an agreement in partnership with the Meu Pet Club that covers everything from auditions to a small hotel.

Beware of devices and windows

Limit pets’ access to power cables and other devices that can cause accidents. Narrow hallways and low windows are also high risk areas. Place screens on all windows, even those that pets cannot easily reach.

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