NRA 2022: Comfort, Regulation, and Technology in Food Service in Chicago

Convenience, organization, and technology stand out in the current food service scenario in Chicago, United States. The city, known for its rich cuisine and for hosting some of the sector’s biggest events in the world, is emerging from the pandemic – or what is expected to be its worst phase – with innovative concepts that are in line with consumer expectations and great experiences.

Between Saturday and Tuesday (May 21-24), Chicago will host the NRA Show, which is promoted by the National Restaurant Association. The market and consumption Board a Gouvêa Foodservice delegation for NRA 2022 and, before the event begins, visit operations that have drawn in residents and tourists.

Food halls and dining halls with many bars and restaurants under one roof attract attention to the architecture of the city. Since 2019, Time Out Market has occupied a 4,600 square meter building in the former warehouse area of ​​Fulton Market, today a trendy area of ​​Chicago. The institutions grouped there are organized editorially by the journal that gives the space its name. “We bring our magazine pages to life in the most delicious way possible,” says the company, which also has units in Boston, Dubai, Lisbon, Miami, Montreal, New York and Prague.

Today, 15 of the 16 places in the Revival Food Court, located on the ground floor of the National Historic Building in Chicago’s financial district, are occupied. All operators are local, although food from all over the world is served there. The idea is for the visitor to take a tour of what Chicago has to offer in terms of flavors. Music and retro ambiance set the mood.

Dome Kitchen and Chicago Market
Dome kitchen and market

Supermarket and restaurant

Another Chicago highlight is Dom’s Kitchen & Market, a combination supermarket and restaurant whose first unit opened less than a year ago. It has been so successful that the second will open in 2022 and the plan is to reach 15 stores by 2025. Domes is a project of Bob Mariano, founder of the Mariano supermarket chain and former CEO of Dominic’s restaurant chain.

When it comes to comfort, Foxtrot’s rapidly expanding network goes above and beyond: it suggests offering it in a luxurious yet affordable way. Originally a digital commerce platform, it reinvents the concept, offering premium products, such as handcrafted beer and wine, and diverse environments, such as crowded counters in front of stores and more booked work desks. With $100 million recently raised in an investment round, it is expected to expand its physical presence to 50 new locations over the next two years.

Visited another process before market and consumption Powered by the Gouvêa Foodservice delegation in Chicago, it was a unit of the Danish chain Joe & The Juice that sells coffee, juices and sandwiches. The most important thing is the use of payment technology to improve the customer experience. It can order a product from home, pay through the app and pick up at the store, for example. It wasn’t a legacy of pandemic restrictions – Joe & The Juice already had this technology, developed by Adyen, before we even heard of covid-19. This was even a difference for the company when buying without physical contact became the order of the day.

When it comes to consumer trends, it is impossible not to think of ESG, the acronym for Environment (E), Social (S) and Governance (G). And The Urban Farm in Ogden, a project by the Chicago Botanic Garden and Lundell Christian Health Center, is an ESG in progress. The site has sustainable vegetable cultivation and employs first-time students, as well as ex-convicts and ex-combatants looking for an alternative. Farm On Ogden also owns a store that sells products to the end consumer and wholesale. There is only one concept: production by and for society.

NRA Show 2022 اتصال Connection

Over the next few days, the market and consumption He does special coverage of the NRA Show 2022. In addition to previous visits to Chicago’s bars and restaurants, the report will follow the entire event and disseminate real-time news about the show and fair – through text and video reports, podcasts and social media posts.

At the end of the month, the platform and Gouvêa Foodservice will jointly promote Connection NRA Show 2022, a festival that will bring lessons learned from the NRA Show 2022 to Brazil. Round tables and business meetings between food service executives.

It will also have the presence of big names in the sector in special panels. They include Paola Carusella, chef and entrepreneur; Pierre Berenstein, CEO of Bloomin’ Brands (which operates the Outback and Abbraccio brands in Brazil); Telma Chirashi, chef at Restaurant Aizomê; and Thiago Vinicius, creator of the organic restaurant Rango. All information about the Connection NRA Show 2022 can be found at this link.

Photos: Ayana Freitas

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