Nave do Conhecimento brings technological qualifications to Royal Jordanian

Created in 2012, Nave do Conhecimento is a project by the City of Rio de Janeiro targeting parties with the goal of democratizing access to the digital world in collaborative and creative environments. It is performed through free workshops, courses and events, in person or online, which are always related to topics such as basic computing, creative economy, information technologies, robotics, programming, work and entrepreneurship.

Nave do Conhecimento has nine units, located in the northern and western regions of Rio de Janeiro: Engenho de Dentro, Irajá, Madureira, Nova Brasília, Padre Miguel, Penha, Santa Cruz, Triagem and Vila Aliança, some of which were inactive even before the start of the epidemic COVID-19. Asked about this, Willian Coelho, Municipal Secretary of Science and Technology, declared at the time, “When I took over as secretary, three of the equipment had inactive contracts while the other six were closed due to the pandemic, though, during this period, We were able to form partnerships to offer online courses without spending a penny of public money. Mayor Eduardo Paes assured us of a new offer to renovate and reopen the nine knowledge ships.”

Willian Coelho - Mayor of Science and Technology Secretary

Willian Coelho – Mayor of Science and Technology Secretary

Photo: Disclosure / CMRJ

Gradually the units were reopened. This month alone, more than 13,000 places are offered for free workshops and lectures. The possibilities are numerous and range from a computer player and video editing with Lightworks, to an introduction to digital marketing. Willian stressed the importance of technological qualification for the professional development of the population, “Currently, technological development is fundamental and knowledge in this field plays an essential role in the professional growth of individuals. There is a great demand in the market for professionals in this sector. He noted that stadiums are essential spaces aimed at Strengthening activities with the aim of enhancing the digital experience, in addition to contributing to the entry of young people into the labor market through training courses in new technologies.

In addition to providing access spaces and basic concepts about technology, Nave do Conhecimento truly changes lives by training its students in the labor market and entrepreneurship. Gabriel dos Santos, a resident of the Alimão complex, took a computer course at the Nova Brasilia unit and got a job thanks to the qualifications he obtained through the project. He says, “The course provided me with many things, made me gain knowledge, helped in my field, was able to put it in my CV and got a good job. It was one of the best experiences I had in my life. I can only thank the efforts of the staff who They made this wonderful course,” he concludes.

Gabriel dos Santos studied computer science at the Nova Brasilia unit

Gabriel dos Santos studied computer science at the Nova Brasilia unit

Photo: YouTube – Ships of Knowledge

The workshops have been going on since the beginning of the month, but there are still places open for many of the online and distance courses. Applications can be submitted directly on the Nave do Conhecimento Program website or in person at the Engenhão, Madureira, Triagem, Vila Aliança and Nova Brasília (Bonsucesso) units in the Northern Region.

In addition to the aforementioned Computer Operator, Video Editing with Lightworks and Introduction to Digital Marketing, some of the qualifications and professional development offered on Knowledge Ships include:

basic information technology

Informatics for children

Senior Informatics

Building e-commerce

Canva: Design for Your Business

Introduction to computer networks

Excel for Business Environment

DashBoard: Create a data presentation

Introduction to Python

Excel for beginners

Helpdesk Analyst

programming logic

Mobgraphy: Photography with a cell phone

Network operation and management: CCNA

Kids Programming: Scratch

Purchasing and Inventory Management

studio photography

product photography

Curriculum innovation

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