M4 CSL Revealed! 550 hp and 100 kg less for the fastest BMW ever on the Nürburgring

BMW, on the 50th anniversary of the founding of its M division, has prepared a gift for sports enthusiasts and launched M4 CSLa special limited series that is also a kind of homage to the winner of the 1973 European Tour Championships.

The starting point was the M4 competition, where he injected some extra vitamins into the 3.0-liter six-cylinder engine, took some steps to shed 100kg of weight and ended up setting the required record on the Nürburgring: 7min 15min. 677 seconds (in the “Classic” configuration for 20.6 km) and 7 minutes 20.207 seconds (in the currently valid 20.832 km configuration which includes the straight in the T13 section).

Which means that the M4 CSL (Competition, Sport, Light) we show you here is the new owner of the best time BMW has made in series production so far in “Green Hell”.

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