Jorge Matamoros warns of Soares de Oliveira’s conflict of interest in bond loan – Benfica

After filing a lawsuit last year against the former president of Benfica, Jorge Matamoros has now issued a letter to Eagles CEO Domingos Soares de Oliveira and to the Securities Market Commission (CMVM), supporting the prospectus for a bond loan in progress that hides a conflict of interest, in defiance of the Luz slogan . Warning about issues related to television rights and Soares de Oliveira’s role in Liga Centralização, the lawyer has suggested that the incarnate SAD manager leave the club. “The information in the prospectus must be “complete, true, current, clear and objective”. In my opinion, the information provided to investors in the written excerpt does not meet these requirements as far as you are concerned, as I understand that you are in a situation of conflict of interest that must be explained to the market and addressed,” It can be read in the letter from the investor in Benfica SAD, which register He has access. The following section of the prospectus will be in contention: “To the knowledge of Benfica SAD, there is no potential conflict of interest between the obligations, special interests, and other obligations of any of the persons comprising the issuer’s management and supervisory bodies.” The potential, between Benfica SAD and the director, and in particular the CEO, is an effective risk that must be communicated to the market, as it could have an appropriate impact on the financial position and sporting activities,” said Benfica’s attorney and partner, explaining that he was cautious and considered to be responsible. may make decisions in favor of vested interests or other obligations”, and thus ask “supplementary information clarifying the (apparent) conflict of interests in which it finds itself”.

In the same letter, Jorge Matamoros also criticized the fact that Soares de Oliveira is integrating the management of the Central League, something he says he does not understand why, as a manager, he has to defend not only the interests of Benfica, but those of other opponents. clubs. Rather, the attorney suggests that Nsour’s CEO leave Loz and choose “a new path for his career.” “As the official of Liga Centralização, you owe diligence and loyalty to the Portuguese Professional Football League and its members, including direct opponents of Benfica. In particular, you have a fiduciary duty to the league to develop a TV rights marketing model that reconciles the interests of all clubs, without franchising any of them (“in close consultation with the sports companies that own them”), in order to market the central rights on behalf of all the clubs”, as follows:

Matamoros continues. Consider the following hypothetical case. What will be the position of Liga Centralização director, Domingos Soares de Oliveira, when Benfica CEO Domingos Soares de Oliveira proposes to allocate a large proportion of the total TV cake to Benfica? Revenue Instead, what do you think the CEO will For Benfica SAD, Domingos Soares de Oliveira, will he say when Liga Centralização director, Domingos Soares de Oliveira, says that it is necessary to be conciliatory and restrained in demands to reach an agreement in which everyone can win? It seems that the conflict of interest is clear”, he corrects , adding: “In this case, the conflict is also relevant at the official level, since the current corporate law for sports companies expressly prohibits directors of such companies from taking positions in sports federations or federations in the same way (Article 16, paragraph 1, a)). This contradiction is absolute.”

In addition to the TV rights issue, the lawyer also identifies the aforementioned conflict of interest in the red card process, which led to the arrest of Luis Felipe Vieira, with whom Soares Oliveira worked for a long time, and with whom the club worked. Does not constitute an assistant. “Your subscription [de Soares de Oliveira] In making decisions on these topics, it distorts the integrity and reliability of the work. I admit that the results do not identify misconduct by the official. But to protect all stakeholders, and in particular Benfica’s interest, the official under audit cannot also be part of the executive team that monitors or supervises the work,” adds Matamoros, also commenting on the fact that Luz’s motto does not become an assistant: “Knowing who Experience with how operations of this nature are designed and implemented, I have major reservations that the path chosen so far by the management of Benfica SAD protects the institutional interest.”

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