Intelbras partners with technical teaching institutes, including an international school

Technological developments are affecting many sectors, and market training is becoming an increasingly obvious need. Thinking carefully about contributing to the qualification of the general public, as well as clients and partners, Intelbras has entered into partnerships with large technical and vocational education institutions.

Through Intelbrace iTechThe company has renewed agreements with eight Senai subsidiaries, located in five different states (Amazonas, Goias, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Santa Catarina) and the Federal District, as well as ten other Brazilian art institutes and one in Uruguay.

With “Intelbras Training Partnerships“Students gain technical knowledge using the company’s own equipment. The idea is to enhance the experience with the brand, and form a specialized workforce.

We have a strong infrastructure to enhance the hands-on experience through the use of brand products. For the company, offering courses is a way to be closer to professionals who are interested in being part of their market and becoming a reference in technologies and products – explains Monica Needle, Director of Technical Courses at Intelbras Itec.

In the past two years, the pandemic has prompted people to rethink their professional performance. For this reason, professionals need to look for more and more ways to improve their knowledge to stand out in the job market. Susanna Brookfield, director of marketing and commercial advertising at Intelbras, agrees that the company’s initiative is linked to this goal.

– Vocational training offered by more than 600 Intelbras courses in partnership with technical and vocational education institutions helps both beginners in the labor market and those who wish to expand their knowledge to ensure greater qualification, promotion or even a change of professions,” he explains.


Currently, Intelbras has three types of partnership. first before Accreditation, that is, educational institutions are authorized to teach courses developed by the company and provide certificates in accordance with the combined strategy. And the second before health insurancein this case the teaching center offers courses with I know how (non-technical), but complementary to those of Intelbras. In this scenario, the company can also offer benefits such as discounts to make the course viable, ensuring the student’s approach to the brand.

The third mode is Structuring laboratories, exclusively for public and/or non-governmental educational institutions. An example of this is the partnership that Intelbras has forged for more than a decade with Senai.

The laboratories are designed with the latest technological equipment provided by Intelbras, providing a differential for students entering the labor market in areas such as information and communications technology, security and monitoring, and photovoltaic, among others – confirms Edilson Caldas, Director of Technology Partnerships at Senai Nacional.

These internships provide students with technical learning integrated with the brand, and constantly updated with the company’s product and technology launches. Partnerships allow advanced courses to be offered in locations close to interested students, who no longer need to travel to Intelbras headquarters to access training.

Since 2017, Intelbras has partnered with Senai in São Jose (SC), with three laboratories equipped by the company.

The partnership is very relevant, with Senai receiving a large amount of investment in ultra-modern equipment, which makes it possible to develop the skills of the student in accordance with the requirements of the labor market. Intelbras has also trained Senai’s professors to work with its products and solutions, expanding their competencies – comments Ricardo Maximo Anzolin, Director of Operations Sesi / Senai – Regional Grande Florianópolis.

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Among other partnerships recently signed and renewed by the company are four partnerships nationwide: Data Training, Inatel, Portal du Saber and Instituto Mix. In addition, Instituto Santec and Technoponta, both in São Paulo, are part of the programme, as well as Solar 4.0 in Minas Gerais and Brazil’s Maritime Institute in Rio de Janeiro. Also on the list are two branches of the Instituto Construcao (São Paulo and El Salvador). In Uruguay, Intelbras has partnered with the traditional Escuela Euci – Sucesores De Hebert Pugliese Del Río SRL.

About Intelbras Itec

Intelbras Itec has been operating for more than 15 years with its own methodology, which was developed to provide technical, practical and theoretical knowledge to the participants. In 2021 alone, more than 200,000 courses were held (online and face to face). In the past four years, there has been an increase in the number of courses, buoyed by advances in distance learning, which have boosted offerings in management, sales and business partnerships.

Intelbras Itec courses can be accessed through the portal: . The user has to click on the login field and register to access the content. Certificates are issued electronically upon completion and available to students on the portal.

Want to learn more about these partnerships? being able to courses And stay inside!

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