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If, one day, all the bees in the world disappeared forever, it would not be a happy day for you, for us, and for anyone. You may not know it, but bees, also known as “guardians of the environment,” occupy one of the most important positions in the balance of ecosystems. We are used to associating the buzz of this little insect with playful situations where the body seems to take a life of its own and perform frantic dances to scare away a potential threat, but if they were on that side knew how important these little insect trips were to our survival, it would be impossible not to want to participate in protect it and play an active role in preserving it.

Protecting bees has never been easier. But this commitment to protecting insect queens goes further: Guerlain wants all consumers to be on her side. To celebrate Bee Day (yes, it exists), the French brand is calling on its community and residents to unite for the future of this animal. From this Friday, 20, until May 22nd, all funds will be used to support the Guerlain For Bees Conservation Program: when purchasing a product of the brand, during this period, either online or in a physical store – in stands of El Corte Inglès Lisboa and Gaia – 20% of sales will be donated to the Guerlain Environmental Protection Program. But you can do more: for each repost of the video created by Tomáš Libertíny, using the hashtags #GuerlainForBees and #WorldBeeDay, €20 will be donated.

Tiny but very powerful: From flower to flower, bees transfer pollen to other locations through their hairs with each flight. It is this process – called pollination – that allows the preservation of ecological and nutritional diversity as we know it: without bees there would be no tomatoes. Not avocado, orange, hazelnut, cabbage, or berries. More: With the end of this pollination process, we will face great difficulties in food production on all continents of the world. Have you thought about it?

If all the bees in the world disappear one day, global agricultural production will be one of the sectors worst affected. Many animals will run out of food and soon they will end up destroying the ecosystem. Did you know that more than 75% of crops and 90% of flowering plants depend on pollinators, especially bees?

Therefore, it is essential to protect it, without wasting the healing power of its nutrients – the rejuvenating power of pure honey has proven to be effective – and yes, it is possible. One of the bees’ greatest allies is the Parisian brand Guerlain, which in recent decades has worked using one of the world’s most powerful natural healing ingredients, honey and royal jelly, to create a high-tech skincare program. Technology that helps stimulate the skin’s key repair mechanisms. What does this mean? Less wrinkles and more hold.

We are talking about the Abeille Royale collection, which is a real youth ritual. This powerful blend of honey and royal jelly, with proven effectiveness, can be found in the serums, concentrated oils, daily care creams and lotions in this specific range.

Protecting the future is in everyone’s hands

Year after year, the goal remains clear in this brand’s priorities: to be allies of one of the greatest allies on our planet. To give us the best for consumers, they also strive to build campaigns to protect this insect around the world. Used as an endless source of inspiration, the brand renews its commitment to the conservation, sustainability and ecosystems of bees each year. An example is the Guerlain for Bees Conservation Program, which brings together a network of allies committed to extending the life of this insect.

The efforts do not end there: in partnership with plastic artist Tomáš Libertíny and Casa da Abelha, Maison Guerlain has launched a special edition Abeille Royale Oil: a work of art that brings together respect and admiration for the bee, environmental protection and art. Next time you’re looking for an advanced youth water-based oil on the shelf of your favorite store, you’ll find a limited edition bottle. We don’t say more than that, you really have to know.

If all the bees in the world disappeared forever one day, it wouldn’t be a happy day.

For us, help protect the bees.

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