Enough proposes a referendum on euthanasia and pressures Marcelo to move towards a new veto of the diploma

Kefaya’s position against euthanasia is well known, although MP candidate Paulo Ralha, Andre Ventura’s current adviser in Parliament, has already revealed to Expresso that he supports medically assisted death. Ahead of the recent legislative elections, Ventura told Expresso that he would not give MPs who would accompany him to the Assembly of the Republic the freedom to vote on the issue. After a presidential veto at the end of 2021, the party welcomed the non-enactment of the Euthanasia Act. “With this decision by the President of the Republic, the issue will be discussed again in Parliament in the next legislature in complete calm and seriousness and with a parliamentary composition different from the current one that will strive to defend life and man.” Chega defended at the end of November.

But only now Ventura’s party is submitting a referendum proposal. The announcement came on Friday, after a behind-closed-doors meeting with the Portuguese Federation of Life in Lisbon. “Enough today. He submitted a draft to the Council of the Republic, hoping that it will also be discussed on the ninth.” [de junho] The head of the party, in statements to reporters, announced at the end of the meeting. On the same day in June, it was learned this week, that the Assembly of the Republic will debate new bills related to medically assisted death following a strong agenda by the Socialist Party.

“Not only did the entities that could have been heard – and that PS insist not – but also [se trata] He justified setback not civilized progress.” He said there are “several entities” requesting a referendum because euthanasia is “a matter of great moral and social division and a matter of moral division.” In the draft resolution, already available on the Parliament website, the proposed question to be judged is: Do you agree that a person’s medically assisted death, at his or her request, or assisted suicide, should continue to be punishable by criminal law? “.

“It is the only chance for the legislature’s legitimacy.”

Shiga realizes that “MPs are not empowered to vote on this issue,” since “above all” in the PS electoral platform, which came out of the January elections by an absolute majority, “the question of legalizing euthanasia was not raised,” Ventura continued, arguing that there ” An issue of illegality that can only be resolved through a referendum.” He stressed that “this is the only chance for there to be legitimacy on the legislature’s side.” In this sense, your party has already asked all parliamentary blocs to allow this bill to be discussed also on the ninth of next month.

Although he would like to have this discussion on that day, Chega will appeal the decision that allowed the PS schedule to be fixed on that date – to the President of the General Assembly of the Republic “and, if necessary, to the plenary”. According to Ventura, there was a “violation of the regiment and the law” and an “abuse of the rights of the regiment” by socialists.

The Shiga chief already counts on his life if the party’s initiative fails: “Our appeal is that the president of the republic politically veto the testimony and call for a referendum, because it is the subject of a great moral and social division.” This is because, as he declared, if the initiative is rejected or even not accepted for discussion, “only the President of the Republic can prevent this project from proceeding illegally and illegally because it is preparing to move forward.” More: “Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has the opportunity here to do some teaching and influence, and in essence it is to give the Portuguese the chance to come back, so what we’re hoping for is some acceptance from Belém in regards to this.”

In the previous legislature, decriminalizing medically assisted death, under certain circumstances, won the support of a large majority in Parliament. However, it will be brought before the Constitutional Court after the request for inspection by the President of the Republic and the subsequent political veto. Most members of the PS seats, the Left Bloc, the PAN, the Os Verdes, the Liberal Initiative and some PSD MPs, including Roy Rio, voted in favour, while most of the Social Democrats, some Socialists, the Popular Congress, the CDS and the Chega voted against.

The delegation that accompanied Ventura on Friday included members Jorge Galvias and Rita Matias, as well as Ricardo Regala Dias, board member, and Manuel Matias. At the end of last month, Manuel Matias resigned as political advisor to the parliamentary group, a day after Transparency International Portugal asked the Assembly of the Republic to explain his appointment because he was the father of MP Rita Matias.

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