Educators mention how technology unites in resuming post-pandemic lessons

The life of a teacher is a real adventure. Dealing with a different profile of students, with the grueling academic routine and with the certainty of no professional in the job market has gone through their hands but increasing the responsibility of those who have chosen to pursue one of the most important professions in the world.

In the wake of the increasingly technological trend, the 2020 Higher Education Census indicated that the distance education course is most in demand by students, in both public and private universities. Whether in the classroom or behind a computer screen, those planning a career in pedagogy want to be a tool in the learning process and to contribute to conscientious, critically minded and, above all, able to use the knowledge gained to better serve contribution to the world.

By examining teaching and learning theories and working in different dimensions of education, educators need to deal with the constant changes in the educational scenario and challenge themselves at all times. Proof of this was the novel coronavirus pandemic, which has revolutionized the educational environment. Every academic community needed to reinvent itself and learn to use technology for the benefit of learning. After two years of distance learning, institutions of basic and higher education have resumed their activities face to face, and the question that remains is: What do we do with the technology that has become an ally?

For Anhanguera Salvador’s Pedagogical Course Coordinator, Camila Fortuna, the use of technology devices is here to stay and add to the educational routine. “Now, the school community needs to look for mechanisms so that technology can continue to be used for the benefit of education. In the past, teachers would not allow students to use their mobile phones in class, and asked them to turn off devices. This is no longer happening.” He pointed out that cell phones, which were using For entertainment, it has become a powerful study tool.

In this new moment, it is imperative that educators seek to specialize and train themselves to enhance teaching and learning in different media formats, paying attention to the contribution of social networks, applications, digital games and other tools that can contribute to teaching. In addition to having the knowledge to observe and deal with technological innovations, teachers need to be encouraging and motivating students’ independence in the conscious use of technology.

In higher education, applications and programs have been the salvation for students to continue maintaining their study routine. This still applies, even as face-to-face lessons resume. “During the pandemic, teachers have used apps to teach classrooms, pass on activities, and communicate with students. This continues to happen even in the post-pandemic period. Many tools help increase students’ interaction with content, which only reinforces the importance of including the internet in academic life,” he said. Camila says.

Teaching educator Marley da Conceição, 44, considers the inclusion of technology in the classroom as a learning moment, both for her and her students. “I needed to find knowledge to help students, do programming and plan the activities to be carried out. I was not familiar with applications and tutorials that help in the classroom, such as Power Point or Excel. So, everything was very new to me, but it worked”, It celebrates the professional who has taken several courses in the field of education to stay up to date with the news.

Working in the municipal school system, the teacher points out that technology is a facilitator, but that it can get in the way when not everyone has access to the Internet or the apps needed to follow a study routine. “The use of mobile phones to help in the classroom is here to stay, but we need to think about children and adolescents who do not have this guaranteed access. Schools send materials, tests and activities online. But it is necessary to note that there are pros and cons to this issue,” emphasizes the educator.

Curiosity about the profession
Established by Law No. 13.083/2015, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on May 20 with the aim of promoting discussion of the role of the family and schools in children’s development and defining the responsibilities of each.

The professional, who plays an essential role in the life of the whole society, assists in the technical and human training of students, the planning and organization of school management, and always strives to enhance the quality of education.

Source: Educa Mais Brasil Agency

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