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As the lowest temperatures of 2022 dawned, a homeless person died after falling suddenly ill in São Paulo (SP). The severe cold that hits the capital São Paulo and affects all of them, especially those who do not have a home. Temperatures should remain low in the coming days, with a minimum of 9°C and 10°C between Friday (20) and Saturday (21).

In light of this, government agencies and other organizations have moved to collect donations of clothes, blankets and food to alleviate the suffering of the residents living on the streets.

Check out the list of organizations to donate coats, blankets and food to the homeless in São Paulo:

Organizations and movements

Delivery by SP

The SP delivery movement receives donations of blankets, socks and coats.

Social networks: Instagram @entregaporsp
Avenida Paulista, 2537, Floor 9 – Bella Cintra
Rua Joao Mora, 613- Pineros
Rua Harmonia, 1275 – Villa Maddalena
R. Clodomero Amazonas, 889 – Vila Nova Conceição

Vegetarian Solidarity

Vegan Solidarity accepts cash donations via Pix and blanket donations.
Social networks: Instagram @solidariedadevegan
Rua Cesário Ramalho, 157- Cambuci
Rua Rego Freitas, 542 – Downtown

Angels of Dawn

The NGO Anjos accepts donations of lunch boxes, basic food baskets and even soup, and cash to buy socks and blankets for homeless people.
Social networks: Instagram @anjos_madrugada

Organizing the front of the struggle for housing

The Housing Struggle Front also accepts donations for vulnerable people. Donations can be made in cash or by taking blankets and clothing at the organization’s addresses.
Social networks: Instagram @flmbrasil
Occupation of Penha Pietra. Rua da Consolacao, 2563 – Jardim Paulista
Occupation of Augusta 1. Rua Augusta, 957 – Consolacao

Somos da Roa non-governmental organization

The organization accepts donations through Pix or its store, and will deliver blankets, socks, and hats.
Social networks: Instagram @somos_darua
Address: online

Love Organization Thank you

O Amor thanks organizes a group effort to donate blankets and warm clothes, and asks people with cars to help transport collected products.
Social networks: Instagram @oamoragradece
Address: Av. doctor. Arnaldo, 1638 – Sumaré

State government of Sao Paulo

Last week, the São Paulo State Government launched the Winter Solidarity 2022 campaign, coordinated by the São Paulo Social Fund, to collect and donate new blankets to socially vulnerable people between fall and winter.

Products can be delivered at collection points in Poupatempo units, at Metro and CPTM stations and at EMTU (Metropolitan Urban Transport Company) bus stations.

Donations will also be sent to social entities, hospitals and reception centers in 645 municipalities of São Paulo.

In addition, the government opened the Pedro 2 metro station, with a capacity of 100 people, to serve as a shelter.

Sao Paulo City Council

The capital’s city hall will create another 2,000 shelters for the homeless in the Social Assistance Network – in addition to the 15,116 already in place – during the coldest nights. The municipal administration accounted for 31,884 homeless people in the capital in January this year.

There will also be 13 new vehicles that will be used by teams implementing the social approach during the night and dawn, with the aim of giving more speed to the service of notifications arriving via Service 156.

In addition, kennel places will be established in shelter centers, animal transport cages will be purchased, and 56 new social-educational counselors will be hired to implement the social approach, distribution of blankets, soup and hot drinks, and overnight transportation. in reception centres.

This year, there will also be an active night and dawn search for homeless people who want to spend the night in reception centers from 10pm to 7am.

In the service tents set up by SPTuris (São Paulo Turismo), there will be blankets, soups, hot drinks and referrals to welcome centers. Two ambulances will also be available for each tent in Praça da Sé. They will be installed at the following addresses:

Eastern Province
– Guaianases: Praça Presidente Getúlio Vargas
– Itaqueira: Av. Jaco Bessego, height CEU Azul da Cor do Mar
The northern area
– Santana: FEB . Champions Arena
Villa Maria: New World Square
Southern area
Santo Amaro: Floriano Peixoto Square
Capela do Socorro: The school yard
Western Region
Lapa: Miguel Del Araba Square
– Sé: Praça da Sé
Santa Cecilia: Piazza Marechal Deodoro
Brass: Praca Padre Pinto

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