Capybaras in Aguas Claras Park are causing intrigue among the residents

The presence of the capybara in the Aguas Claras Ecological Park has caused controversy and debate among the city’s residents. The appearance of animals in the place divided opinions. The clashes began about 10 days ago, when a social media post said a dog was instantly killed by a capybara.

The topic became a brawl and raged to the point that some residents advocated removing the capybara from the park. Others preferred the presence of wild animals in the area, and criticized dog owners accused of walking their pets without a leash and a muzzle.

In a social media post, a resident said that while he was walking around the park he came across a capybara and asked, “Why don’t you take them to the zoo?” In the post, with 300 comments, the population split.

“The park is a conservation area, it was probably the dog that was killed without a leash and advanced on a capybara. You don’t want to see the animals, go for a walk in the mall,” another animal perpetuity advocate commented.

“If, in the case of the park, it is verified that they are extrapolating the animal population, in order to avoid tick infestations, I think it would be correct to request that they be moved to a more confined area,” one resident said.

“How about putting a leash on the dog and holding the baby by the hand when it passes near the capybara? Thus, it avoids potential ‘accidents’. They ignore your presence, just don’t mess with them.” defends another.


According to the Instituto Brasilia Oceania (Ibram), Aguas Claras Park was created with the aim of ensuring the preservation, restoration and restoration of the natural environment to preserve the flora and fauna. Therefore, the appearance of the capybara is a positive indication that the environment performs the role for which it was created.

Regarding dog abuse, the agency reported that it had not received any notification of an incident between a capybara and a pet through visitors. However, he gives advice to always keep her on a leash, and to avoid possible conflicts with animals.

“Every wild animal, when it feels threatened by humans or domestic animals, can attack. For this reason, it is important to avoid approaching herds of capybaras, and even more so in the presence of calves”, confirms Abram.

Other cases

Capybaras is not just a topic in Águas Claras. In the southern and northern lakes, where the presence of animals is more frequent, there have already been some cases of attacks and appearances in unusual places.

In November 2021, Capybara “invaded” a luxury condominium in SHIS QL 10, in Lago Sul. The landlord called PMs after the animal was found inside the house pond. In good physical condition, she was released back into the wild.

In September 2021, a man was attacked by a capybara in the Northern Sports Club Sector (SCEN), while swimming in the waters of Lake Paranoa. The victim, a sailor, was at the Clube da Aeronáutica marina when he was surprised by the animal. The animal bit him in the shoulder and head, but he was taken to the hospital and recovered well.

In February last year, there was a similar incident. A resident of a luxury apartment complex in the sector of Tourist Hotels North (SHTN), on the banks of Lake Paranoa, was attacked by a capybara. He was wounded in the leg and taken to hospital.


Letícia Perdigão is a Mentor Intern and supervised by Editor Maria Eugênia

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