“Call for Ideas” BraFIP 2022

Registration is now open for the “BraFIP 2022 Call for Ideas”. The Call is an international public call, held annually by BraFIP (Brazilian Technology Platform), to submit ideas and projects for collaborative RD&I (Research, Development and Innovation in Collaboration), with the participation of several companies and universities, Startups and research centers in Brazil and abroad.

BraFIP is designed and built on the model of technology platforms between the European Union and the European Union. This year’s call is jointly organized by ALETI (a consortium formed by ICT business entities from 17 Latin American countries) and supported by Brazilian and foreign companies and entities associated with Collaborative RD&I, such as LightBase, monkey scanSEBRAE, ABMEN, ASSESPRO, SoftSul, Softex, CNPq, EMBRAPII, Federal Government (through MCTIC), ENRICH, Planetic, Startups Network, CDTI – Industrial Technology Development Center (Government of Spain).

More information can be obtained from the BraFIP portal at: www.brafip.org.br

Govtech Investor Day In Campina Grande

On the 31st of May, in the auditorium of the Regional Agency SEBRAE, in Campina Grande, Paraíba, a copy of the Govtech Investor Day. The event will be in a hybrid format, with public and simultaneous online transmission.

The Investor’s Day It is an event promoted by the company Dome Ventures It aims to “identify, evaluate and present new Government tech startups (“Companies that aim to generate innovation and technological solutions for public administration”) for its business portfolio.

SEBRAE, Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the Campina Grande, and FCJ Venture Buildera open innovation BrazilFundação Parque Tecnológico da Paraíba and ITCG – the technological incubator for creative and innovative enterprises in Campina Grande.

More information at www.dome.ventures.

boldness pirates

apparently daring pirates It has no limits. The victim of that time wasBest Aces”, a Canadian company that trains fighter pilots, headquartered in Montreal (the “French” part of Canada) that provides services to various air forces of European countries, as well as the Royal Canadian Air Force and the United States Air Force. Power).

According to the information on the site “register(therecord.com), the top aces suffered an ‘attack ransomware (which “snatch” data and information from the invaded company’s computers, and demand a ransom payment to “re-access” them), blocked, copied and/or stolen, 44 GB of data.

The worst thing is that in this “packet of stolen data” it is quite possible that she had classified information from the Air Force that hired the Air Force Training Services. top aces. Thus, it has become a national security issue for some countries. This was not the first attack, and it will not be the last, on companies in the defense sector.

Globally, defense products and services firms and the financial system (banks) are, in theory, the most protected in relation to “e Of this kind, but the reality shows that this is not the case. In other words, no one is protected. complicated.

Another chapter

When the “serial” appeared between the American businessman Elon Musk it’s the Twitter Over, with the American billionaire’s purchase of the social network, a new “chapter” has begun.

International news agency information Reuters (who has been following the case since its inception) brings statements from the businessman in which he says, “His offer of about 220 billion Brazilian reais for shares will not even advance the company.” Twitter Inc Social network owner, show proof that spam bots (a computer program that publishes Spam emails online) representing less than 5% of the total number of users.”

It is worth noting that “the spam bots Extracting contact information, creating fake user accounts and stealing social media accounts.”

According to the advice Elon Musk, The interrogation is correct, as the presentation was based on the accuracy of records Twitterreferring to the ratio spam bots Existing. Publicly, company executives Twitter Inc Refuse to show evidence that the percentage is less than or equal to 5%.

Musk suspects that the correct data is “at least 20% of users.” robotsWhich affects (to a much lesser extent) the purchase price. Everything indicates that the ‘novel’ will have new chapters. Let’s wait.

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