Before Santa Claus, there were messages to baby Jesus

First, the chimney was cleaned of soot and grease. “Baby Jesus must not get his feet dirty when he comes down on Christmas Eve”, said Grandma, getting tired between this task and observing the mass of coscorons resting in a clay pot. “But you can’t come into this house if you think you’ve behaved badly,” he added, making the waiting for the baby all the more painful. The scene is set in the 1970s, in the heart of downtown Bombalin, at a time and place when kitchens, which could have been huge, served as the workshop of all the wonders of Christmas. The place where sweet and savory dishes are cooked, but also the place where, on Christmas Eve at night, children, trembling with anxiety, left their stockings or slippers waiting to see the divine grace transformed into new toys.. Santa Claus began to appear, but through him, the adults explained, he was only expected to help the boy, who was too young for the task of jumping from roof to roof, and a suitcase full of dolls and tricycles on his back.

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