Ball – Portugal scores again in the European Under-17 Championship (Football)

Portugal recorded another defeat in the European Under-17 Championship. After 5-1 imposed on Scotland, the team beat Sweden 4-2 on Friday, in a match in which the full potential of the Portuguese team once again showed itself well. There was even the right to a technical note.

It is true that the Swedish national team opened the scoring, through Kanga, after 7 minutes, but the response of Jose Lima’s men was overwhelming, and in the first half, the score was already … 3-1. Rodrigo Ribeiro (heading), Joao Veloso (Trevilla!) and Afonso Moreira (expected shot) scored the return goals.

On the complementary stage, without the young Portuguese giving much to the Swedes, the melody dropped a bit and the show wasn’t very attractive. However, Portugal scored again, in the 60th minute, when Joao Veloso, at the entrance to the small area, hit his left foot, after a superb pass from Afonso Moreira.

The best Sweden could do was reduce the score to 4-2, already in the last 10 minutes, when Leonardo de Oliveira, who had just entered, managed to beat Francisco Silva.

With this victory, Portugal, in a secluded way, leads Group D with 6 points), to ensure qualification for the quarter-finals of the European Championship of the category, which is held in Israel.

Remember the game movie:

end of the match! Portugal 4 Sweden 2.

Four minutes of minimum overtime were added to this second half.

80th minute: Sweden’s goal! Leonardo de Oliveira, the first time he touched the ball, shot 4-2.

79 minutes: A double substitution in Sweden, with the departure of Karlson and Kanga, to enter Wester and Leonardo de Oliveira.

77th minute: Bechari’s mistake and Thiago Andrade, clever, shot immediately, but the Swedish goalkeeper adjusted himself in time and made an excellent intervention.

74 minutes: A three-way substitution for Portugal, with the departure of Joao Veloso, Osumani Dagalo and Afonso Moreira, for the entrances of Manuel Mendonca, Joao Gonçalves and Thiago Andrade.

70 minutes: Pause in the match to hydrate the players.

65 minutes: A double substitution for Portugal, with the departures of Dario Isogo and Jose Rodriguez, for entries by Rafael Luis and Ivan Lima.

60 minutes: Portugal scores! A perfect cross by Afonso Moreira and Joao Veloso, at the entrance to the small area, finished with his left foot, making the score 4-1.

60 min: Afonso Moreira, after bending from right to center, shoots with his left foot, in the form of a sparkler.

56th minute: A left-footed shot from Ossumani Dagalo, near the half-moon in the Swedish penalty area, Sharari defends safely.

55 min: Double substitution in Sweden, with the departures of Tanur and Bengala, for the entrances of Mukidi and Valdis.

54 minutes: Yellow card for Bengala.

47th minute: A long pass for Afonso Moreira and Rodrigo Ribeiro with the right foot, a first shot by Becharri’s precise defense.

46 minutes: Substitution in Sweden with the departure of Thorell and the entry of Perez Venlov.

The beginning of the second part!

The team’s erratic start from corner kicks, which saw Sweden take the lead in the seventh minute, was compensated for by a quick rehab of Jose Lima’s men who, almost from a quarter hour into the match, started in control to complete the match. Operations Many entrants were counted with a risk to the large discount area.

So it was no surprise that Portugal equalized in the 32nd minute. Martim Fernandez received an excellent cross from the right and Rodrigo Ribeiro headed in the right place without resuming or worsening to 1-1. The hardest part was done, after which the national quality came to the fore, confirming the theoretical favoritism that was indicated to our national team at the start of the second round of the European U-17 Championship. As such, after just five minutes, the transformation on the scoreboard was complete. And on a technical note! Joao Veloso with Trivilla made the score 2-1.

And the first half could not have ended better: already in the compensation period, after a beautiful work by Ousmane Diallo, Afonso Moreira scored 3-1.

Portugal win in all fairness and are halfway to winning three more points and one step away from qualifying to the next stage.

interval! Portugal 3 Sweden 1.

45 + 1 min: Great job by Ussumane Djaló, helped by Afonso Moreira, at the entrance to the area, and the match ended with a score of 3-1.

A minimum of two minutes of extra time was added to the first half.

37th minute: Portugal’s goal! Joao Veloso, on the edge of the area, confidently shoots Trevilla 2-1.

32nd minute: Portugal goal! A cross from the right by Martim Fernandez and Rodrigo Ribeiro, header, shoot the count. 1-1.

29th minute: Joao Veloso actually withstood the pressure of Swedish defenders inside the area, and after he managed to turn, he shot hard, but it ended.

25 minutes: The match is paused to hydrate the players.

24 minutes: Rodrigo Ribeiro’s shot from the middle of the range from the front and the ball approached the right post of the Swedish goal.

17 min: A great opportunity for Portugal! Afonso Moreira and Rodrigo Ribeiro cross from the right, in the middle of the area, brilliantly saved by Beshari.

Minute 13: A direct free kick by João Veloso, with the ball deflected from the wall and exited through the finish line. Corner kick for Portugal trying to respond to the disadvantages in the mark.

12 minutes: Yellow card for Alvarez Perez.

7 minutes: Sweden’s goal! A cross pass from the left to Tanor and Kanga, taking advantage of the passivity of the Portuguese midfielders, deflected Francisco Silva’s ball and opened the scoring. 0-1.

7 min: Free kick by João Veloso and header by Diogo Monteiro to Bishari’s character.

Match start!

Jose Lima, coach of the under-17 national team, is also a new talk on the bench, as the coach missed the match against Scotland, in the first round, because he tested positive for Covid-19, which is why he joined more in the afternoon the Portuguese delegation that is in Israel to participate in this European Championship. In that duel with Scotland, we must add that it was Roy Pinto who led the corner team.

Portugal make three changes regarding the match against Scotland: Francisco Silva, Martim Fernandez, Diogo Fernandez’s Rodrigo Ribeiro, Joao Conceicao and Ivan Lima participate.

Portugal: Francisco Silva, Martim Fernandez, Joao Muniz, Diogo Montero cLeonardo Barroso, Dario Isogo, Joao Veloso, Osomani Dagalo, Afonso Moreira, Jose Rodriguez, Rodrigo Ribeiro

Alternatives: Diego Fernandez, Joao Conceicao, Rafael Luis, Ivan Lima, Luis Gomez, Manuel Mendonca, Thiago Andrade, Vivaldo Semedo, Joao Gonçalves

Coach: Jose Lima

Sweden: Bechary, McCauley, Alvarez Perez, Nissen cHughes, Carlson, Bangla, Ayari, Kanga, Thorell and Tannoor

Alternatives: Anderson, Tillgren, Perez Venlov, Olson Valdes, Mukidi, Rab, Leonardo de Oliveira, Wester and Lindelof

Coach: Roger Franzen

to rule: Willy Delagud (France)

Auxiliaries: Erwan Fingen (France) and Mate Flick (Czech Republic)

Fourth ruling: Yasmine Sabotek (Luxembourg)

There really is a difference!

Jose Lima’s men enter this round at the top of the group, with 3 points, as Sweden beat Denmark 2-1 on opening day.

After the 5-1 defeat imposed on Scotland last Thursday, it is now Portugal’s turn to measure their strength with Sweden, in a match that indicates the second round of Group D.

The national under-17 team returns to the field on Friday afternoon (2.30 pm) for another match of the European Category Championship, which is being held in Israel. As usual, A BOLA online will follow the game every minute. Stay tuned…

Good afternoon!

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