Army agreement with an Israeli company, TCU’s target,

One of the representatives of the Israeli company CySource in the technical cooperation agreement signed with the Cyber ​​Defense Command of the Brazilian Army, signed in March of this year, has a connection with Federal Deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PL-SP), the son of President Jair. Bolsonaro.

Systems analyst Helio Cabral Santana, former Director of Information Technology at the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic, and spokesperson for CySource in agreement with the military, owns the domain of the Instituto Conservador Liberal (ICL) website. headed by Eduardo Bolsonaro.

The Helio Cabral Santana Curriculum presented on the website of the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic; Now he works in the Israeli company / Rebornion / GOV.BR

Founded by the CEO’s son, one of its most important achievements is organizing a meeting bringing together leaders from the global far right. Inspired by an event held in the United States since the 1970s, CPAC already had two versions in its Brazilian edition, in 2019 and last year.

The last meeting, held in Brasilia, featured Donald Trump Jr, son of the former US president, and Jason Miller, founder of the right-wing social network Gettr. Miller ended up being questioned by the Federal Police when he left the country, as part of an investigation into the digital militia.

Click here to access ICL website information on the platform Which is, which stores information about who owns domains on the Internet. Below, read data from ICL’s National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ), which was consulted on Friday (20). To make an inquiry, click here.

Data from Federal Revenue shows that Eduardo Bolsonaro is president of the Instituto Conservador Liberal / Reproduction / Receita Federal

Spokesman for an Israeli company and brother of ICL director

In celebration of CySouce’s agreement with the military, Hélio Cabral Sant’Ana acted as the spokesperson for the Israeli company in the official statements. To leave the federal executive branch, in March of this year, taking up the position at CySource, he had a mandate from the Presidency’s Public Ethics Committee.

In addition, Helio is the brother of Sergio Cabral Santana, former Special Adviser to Minister Abraham Weintraub (Education, 2019-2020). Sergio is currently the CEO of ICL. He was even quoted to take up the position of MEC, in June 2020, with the support of Carla Zambelli (PL-SP) and council member Carlos Bolsonaro (PL), according to information from journalist Claudio Humberto, from power diary.

Sergio Santana has a series of publications along with Eduardo Bolsonaro. Pictured, along with other members of the Federal Government and Council Member Lieutenant Santini / Reproduce / Twitter

The facts strengthen the prosecution’s request to TCU

The information strengthens the relationship indicated by Deputy Prosecutor General of the Federal Prosecution Office (MPF) Lucas Rocha Furtado, who has asked the Federal Audit Court (TCU) to investigate possible breaches in the cooperation agreement.

The Deputy Prosecutor cites the disclosure of the report before Brazil de facto That Hélio Cabral Sant’ana, among CySource executives, Furtado notes, has signs of a deviation from its goal that could jeopardize the October elections.

In the document, he argues that General Heber García Portela, Chief of Cyber ​​Defense Executive Office (ComDCiber), was already set to integrate the Election Transparency Commission (CTE) when he signed the contract with the Israeli company.

The deputy attorney general notes that the general “reinforced Jair Bolsonaro’s rhetoric that the Brazilian voting system contains risks and weaknesses that could jeopardize the integrity of the elections.”

Therefore, according to him, the agreement could have been signed “not with the aim of achieving a general purpose, but rather in a flagrant deviation from the objective, with the aim of investigating the alleged risks and weaknesses of the Brazilian voting system”.

“In my opinion, it is unacceptable that the structure of the Brazilian army was used to satisfy the whim of Jair Bolsonaro, who persistently questioned the safety of electronic voting machines and the election verification procedures adopted by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal,” he wrote.

The case was exclusively revealed by Brazil de facto On the sixth of May. Since the ninth of last month, following the request made by the Sub-Prosecutor, the process is being processed in the Technical Cooperation Coordination Unit (TCU) to investigate the case. Click here to follow the procedural moves.

:: A public inquiry into the elections that an Israeli company hired from Bolsonaro’s former IT chief ::

The army denies any connection with the elections

In a memo sent to the report on the afternoon of May 9, the Army’s Social Media Center stated that “the agreement was signed at no cost to the union and has nothing to do with external events, such as elections.”

Read in full:

The Army Social Communication Center informs that the National School of Cyber ​​Defense (ENaDCiber) is an educational institution of the Cyber ​​Defense Command (ComDCiber) responsible for onboarding human resources for the cyber sector.

The training offered by ENaDCiber is obtained through training courses and internships conducted by the school itself or through partnerships and agreements signed with the national and international education network.

In this context, a technical cooperation agreement was signed between the Union represented by the Army Command through the Department of Science and Technology through the Cyber ​​Defense Command and CySource LTDA for the purpose of continuous training in the field of science and technology. The Cyber ​​Security Zone, as disclosed on page 31 of Section 3 of the Federal Gazette dated April 28, 2022.

It should be noted that the agreement was signed at no cost to the union and had nothing to do with external events, such as elections.


CySource was founded by veterans of the Israel Defense Forces. After years of working in cybersecurity for military organizations, the company claims to have “the world’s best cybersecurity education and training platform.”

CySource CEO Amir Bar-El, like the company’s other founders, has experience in the Israeli defense sector. He served in the intelligence units of the Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service. Then he worked in the private sector.

“Over the past few years, we have created cybersecurity academies for various military organizations and security units around the world, which have allowed us to consolidate strategic knowledge in the field of cyber defense,” Bar-EI said in a statement about the partnership with the Brazilian military. .

In a memo sent to the report this week, AI Amir Bar denied that the agreement with the Cyber ​​Defense Command, headed by the representative of the armed forces at the Turkish Supreme Court, was related to the October elections.

Read the full CySource note on the issue

CySource is a leading Israeli company in cybersecurity training and professional services. Our security experts have trained thousands of students and workers, providing security to organizations globally against cyber attacks. We have identified Brazil as a strategic market for investment due to emerging cybersecurity needs. CySource supports companies in creating a world-class cybersecurity workforce and hopes to create thousands of jobs for workers in Brazil. As part of this strategy, we have contacted several organizations in the country to showcase our capabilities.

CySource has signed a no-cost training cooperation agreement with the National Cyber ​​Defense School (ENaDCiber), focused on professional training for military personnel, unrelated to any external events, such as elections. The company is one of several training organizations working with ENaDCiber. CySource will continue to work towards a secure community through trust in strategic partnerships and collaboration.

Editing: Rodrigo Durao Coelho

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