ANAC provides an API that enables the Logbook App Market

From June 1, developers of applications that use a digital logbook (eDB) will be able to use the . file API (API) made available by the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) to create applications for sending records to the regulator.

As an alternative to the use of blockchain technology, the new option of sending digital data has become viable thanks to the amendment of Resolution No. of the Agency. The next step will be for the applications to be made available by IT companies to the aviation industry market.

Faced with the initial use of blockchain, a data-logging technology that acts as an encrypted database, ANAC has decided to accept a copy of digital records sent to a classic database, which will be under its full custodianship. Since it has public doctrine, the agency can receive, evaluate and process data transmitted by regulated entities.

The change tends to expand the use of the digital registry in Brazilian civil aviation, which brings many benefits to aviation operators, such as simplification, automation of records and reduced crew workload. It is expected that once all these gains are accounted for, an increase in eDB volume will lead to cost reductions for the organized sector and the sector.

This is another initiative in line with the Voo Simples Guidelines, a program aimed at reducing bureaucracy, modernizing Brazilian civil aviation and improving the business environment in this sector. “The initiative addresses a series of developments and regulatory changes that the agency has developed over the past few years. Here, we have aligned with technological modernization, which is essential to advancing our regulatory and operational environment, lowering costs and improving data transmission and collection from regulated entities, contributing to greater security in the We hope, very soon, to have the first applications available on the market for data transmission from Diário de Bordo Digital,” said Tiago Sosa, Director of ANAC.

Meet the developers

The change providing for the use of the API to send eDB data was included in the civil aviation regulatory environment by Resolution No. 678, approved on May 3 by ANAC. On May 6, shortly after the regulatory change was published in the Official Gazette, representatives of ANAC’s Information Technology Oversight Authority and the agency’s board of directors met with the developers to provide details of the decision.

“Improving the process that will integrate our system with the ANAC API will greatly advance the safety, agility and reliability of the entire airline management. There are high expectations and great receptivity to launch this tool,” said Anna Clara Horta, Project Manager at Latop Tecnologia, who participated in the meeting. New Latop has been developing systems for national and international airlines for more than 20 years.

Gustto Software also welcomed the Resolution 458 update initiative to promote digital registry usage applications. The developer of Flightboard, an app that has already been successfully tested with the ANAC database, the company said it has complied with all requirements set out in the new decision and will provide the “best and safest solutions” for flight operators. “We are awaiting permission from the agency for its use by the aviation market,” the company said in a statement.

For Maga Aviation representative, Rinaldo Modolo, developer market anxiety was high. “We have been looking forward to this news for some time. We appreciate the effort and dedication to work developed by the agency that has provided the necessary support for this major shift in civil aviation registration,” he said.

Motion Soluções Inteligentes e Desenvolvimento de Sistemas project manager, Cesar Brizio, considered the update of Resolution No. 458 to be closely related to the digitization of aviation data. “Thanks to this flexibility, we will soon be able to complete our program, submit it to ANAC for approval and make it available to airline operators,” he concluded.

According to the managing partner of SLA Sistemas, Ricardo Moscoso, since 2020, the company has already developed the Dédalo application, which includes the features required by ANAC in the Diário de Bordo project. “The tests were carried out successfully, and currently, the application is already able to meet the requirements for interaction with the ANAC database. And soon, with the agency’s permission, it may be available for use by the aviation market,” Moscoso highlights.

ANAC expects the first applications to send eDB log data to the market in the next few months. The Agency understands that, based on the needs identified by the requirements of the regulated entities, subtle amendments to the regulations may be adopted with the aim of expanding the transmission of data in digital form.

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