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pain Sadnes unimaginable. Everyone deals with this moment in a different way. Born in Teresina (PI), businessman Felipe Jose Bezerra Gómez has found in music a way to bear the grief of losing his wife and son in 2021, after painful birth. About a year later, the father wrote the song “Purple Love” and performed it in a touching clip. The video has already garnered more than 100,000 views..

Felipe said in an interview with grow. In July 2021, dentist Maria Cristina Carvalho de Almendra Freitas – affectionately called Kiki – lost her life during childbirth after amniotic obstruction [confira a explicação no final da matéria]. Five days later, her child died – named Antonio, in honor of her maternal grandfather Antonio de Almendra Freitas, the former ruler of Piauí.

Husband making a clip for his wife who died in childbirth (Photo: Personal Archive)

Husband making a clip for his wife who died in childbirth (Photo: Personal Archive)

at Your social networksThe businessman always remembers the wife he fell in love with in his childhood. The couple lived a true fairy tale with a show at Disney and a honeymoon in the Maldives. Soon, the news of the pregnancy left the two very emotional. Little Antonio, named Tonino, was very much expected. The loss of two important people left Philip helpless, however, the businessman decided that he would not leave his family in oblivion. “Gradually, I saw that I wanted to honor the legacy of my wife, the most incredible person I had ever known, and the fruits of that love.”

In an emotional statement, Felipe tells how he met Kiki and how the family dealt with the early loss dentist In a traumatic birth.

The couple were expecting their first child (Image: Personal Archive)

The couple were expecting their first child (Image: Personal Archive)

I loved Kiki since I was a kid! We met through a girl my boyfriend was in love with. She was Kiki’s friend. When I met her, I was “in love” with this childish Maria Cristina thing, but nothing happened!

Since then, we’ve seen each other occasionally in our city. When I was 16, I remember meeting her at a party and dumping her a few times. [risos]. After that, I started a relationship and so did I, but whenever I talked to Kiki, I remembered how much I was in love with this girl.

After a while, I was single, 34 years old, and the first person I remember was Kiki. But I saw she was dating and I left her! Until one day I posted my birthday video and commented! At the same time I found out that she was no longer dating and tried to book a bar through some mutual friends.

The first time we stayed was in September 2017. Then there was the stick! We started a relationship and all of our friends said it was “very purple love”, we were so clingy! We lived four years together!

Live a fairy tale!

After a year of dating, I made a video that tells our story with testimonials from family and close friends. So I suggested it to her at Disney on a trip with friends. I wrote a letter saying it was my fairy tale! In September 2019 we got married and that was one of the happiest days of my life. We just spent our honeymoon in the Maldives, everything was perfect!

In time, I decided to stop with Contraceptive And we started thinking about having children. At the time, I even saw a T-shirt that read, “Tattoo, handsome, dad. Like a normal dad, but cooler” and I showed it to her and joked that I wanted a T-shirt like that. I went to the site and asked for a hidden one and I quickly got pregnant.

Disney's marriage proposal (Image: Personal Archive)

Disney’s marriage proposal (Image: Personal Archive)

In 2020, I made The test was positive He handed it to me with the shirt. I didn’t expect that because she was recently released [o contraceptivo]. We cry a lot, we celebrate a lot!

The pregnancy was perfect! Practically did not get sick. Every now and then, she would have a headache, but not much. He got a 10 in every exam he took. I participated in everything, even Pelvic PhysiotherapyTo strengthen the muscles. we chose normal delivery She wanted so much for recovery. Whatever we could monitor ourselves to the best of our knowledge we did, we had a notebook on our cell phone.

The wedding was in 2019 (Image: Personal Archive)

The wedding was in 2019 (Image: Personal Archive)

painful birth

On the morning of July 21, 2021, Kiki woke up around five in the morning, feeling first contractionsshe was already with 40 weeks. We immediately called the nurse and the pelvic physiotherapist. They arrived really fast! We measured the contractions and soon after we went to the maternity ward.

She arrived at the hospital walking with cramping pains. While I was tidying up the room, I actually went to the delivery room. I quickly got dressed and got in. There was a moment when she started feeling unwell, she didn’t have the strength to do the expulsion. Then everything started to fall apart!

Kiki downloaded seamlessly (Photo: personal archive)

Kiki downloaded seamlessly (Photo: personal archive)

The situation worsened. The team rushed to take my son through vacuum extractor, which was really painful. At this moment, I was surprised and realized that something was wrong. By the time my son was born, they were already cut off the umbilical cord And put it in the incubator in a hurry. That was the moment when I got really scared! They kept resuscitating my child until they succeeded. I saw him pass through an incubator and moved to the neonatal intensive care unit.

After some time, Kiki started to get worse, with breathing difficulties. At the time, we didn’t know, but the maternity hospital didn’t have an ICU [para adultos]. In addition, the mobile intensive care unit can only be requested if we have a booked bed in another hospital.

After giving birth, they tried to resuscitate her, she left the room to make room for the doctors. However, they called us later and told us that my wife had passed away. The report came stating that it was an amniotic obstruction, but we could not confirm it, because we did not perform an autopsy, we did not want to increase the suffering and it would be very surgical.

To take care of my son, a team came from Sao Paulo. When he was born, doctors needed to resuscitate him, and he had brain injury. With time, Tonino He did not react, he was in a vegetative state, without nervous functions. Five days later, he had a heart attack and died. The doctor said my son was a warrior for his resistance these five days. It was so cool to me, because spending these days with my baby in the hospital made my relationship with him even more so. It was very important!

Tonino died five days after his mother's death (Image: Personal Archive)

Tonino died five days after his mother’s death (Image: Personal Archive)

Leave her name alive.

For 15 days, my heart was so pounding, I swear I was going to have a heart attack. It was a very desperate moment. However, after a while, you start trying to create a new life purpose. My life was a Kiki and losing the person to guide me was completely helpless. However, I lost my son. Gradually, I saw that I wanted to honor the legacy of my wife, the most incredible person I had ever known, and the fruits of that love.

The way I found to get past this was to keep declaring myself to her, as a humble, pivotal and fair person, that I even miss discussions. I always want to keep her name alive! That’s why I made the song as a way to keep expressing myself, which is the thing I love to do the most. I’ve always loved writing, so I talked to a musician friend and asked him to compose some tunes and more or less said the style I wanted.

So I chose one of the tunes and worked on the lyrics. Within 20 days, the song was ready. We recorded in the studio to leave it with the best quality. It’s a way to pay tribute to her and continue to declare myself to her.

All the resources you get from this song or even with a potential book will be dedicated to the Kiki Freitas Association. The entity was named in Kiki’s honor by its professor, Maria Videla Navarro, of the University of the South Pacific in Bauru. The two were very close The association aims to transform abandoned public schools into health-promoting schools for children [a ONG oferece atendimento gratuito às crianças]. It was a posthumous tribute, and Kiki never found out about the project. If the foundation does not need it, I will donate the money to others withinactive.

So, in short, music was a way to pay tribute, honor, proclaim myself, and try to make our love known as much as possible.

Check out the video with a clip of Felipe:

amniotic obstruction

Wagner Hernandez (SP), an obstetrician who specializes in high-risk twin pregnancies, explains that cases of amniotic obstruction are rare. The estimate is 5 cases per 100,000 pregnancies. “When it really does happen, it is catastrophic. It has an estimated mortality rate of more or less than 20%,” the specialist explains.

Hernandez points out that experts still don’t know why this condition occurs in women. “What we know is that the content of amniotic fluid Eventually, they fall into the mother’s circulation, and some of these substances end up causing a reaction in the patient’s body that leads to cardiorespiratory collapse, as if it was a heart attack or pulmonary thromboembolism,” says the obstetrician.

In these cases, women begin to feel unwell and may experience a drop in blood pressure. This type of serious condition occurs during labor and delivery and up to 30 minutes after delivery. To diagnose amniotic obstruction, specialists usually do so by ruling out other conditions. “However, the diagnosis will not always be conclusive, and often only confirmed at autopsy.”

Treatment is recognition of the condition and stabilization of the patient. Since the mother is in cardiac and respiratory collapse, the idea is to keep the mother’s heart working and to monitor her breathing, in some cases even requiring intubation. “It’s shock therapy to restore this woman’s vital signs,” the doctor notes.

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