After all, is MEI required for a digital certificate?

A digital certificate is a type of electronic authentication that signs documents from anywhere. It has statutory validity, equal to CPF and CNPJ.

By law, every company that issues electronic invoices must provide a digital certificate. But a frequent doubt among MEIs is whether this class needs to rent a digital certificate.

If you are a MEI and would like to know more about it, keep reading.

After all, is MEI required for a digital certificate?

By law, not provided for in Supplementary Law No. 123 of 2006 with CGSN Resolution No. 140 of 2018, digital certification is not mandatory.”In order to fulfill primary or subsidiary obligations or to collect the FGTS.” (Article 110 of CGSN No. 140/2018).

However, the MEI that issues NF-e (electronic billing) must constantly have a digital certificate.

It should be noted that obtaining the certificate brings advantages only because it provides security, reduced cost and more practicality in many of the processes that until then were carried out in a bureaucratic and laborious manner.

For MEIs that provide services to another company, a digital certificate is a great option for the following reasons:

  • Eliminates bureaucracy.
  • facilitates the whole process;
  • Ensures the correctness of transactions on the Internet.

And even if you don’t need a digital certificate now, you probably will in the future.

How do you get a digital certificate?

The MEI digital certification can be obtained through the CPF for Small Entrepreneurs or a company’s CNPJ. The digital certificate cannot be issued directly through the IRS.

To get the document, it is necessary to find a certification authority, you can do this by accessing the website of the National Institute of Information Technology (ITI) and checking the list of certification authorities registered by the government with the authorization to issue the digital certificate.

In the CA website, choose the type of certificate you want, remember there are two types, A1 and A3, check below:

A1 شهادة Certificate A3 . Certificate
– stored and issued on the computer;
– copying and use on other devices is allowed;
– 1 year validity;
– The use of a password is optional;
– Eliminates any need to prepare on the computer.
– stored on encryption media, be it a card or a token;
– cannot be copied;
– The device must be prepared before first use;
Longer shelf life: from one to five years.
Source: Bling Blog

If you cannot find general information about the cost, mandatory documentation, and equipment needed to issue the certificate on the CA’s website, wait for an email from the CA who will contact you shortly after ordering the document.

After that, it will be necessary to make an appointment at the institution of the certification authority to conduct the biometric registration, with the registration of photos and fingerprints and the submission of documents previously required by the CA.

Through the analysis by the CA and approval of the submitted documents, access to the digital certificate will be issued to the MEI with an appropriate explanation of how the system is used, information about support and updates.

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