Access via VR glasses only? Myths and facts about the Metaverse

Much is said about the metaverse on social networks and media platforms. However, there are still many doubts and misunderstandings about what this combination of technologies really is. Starting with the fact that although the original term has been highlighted recently, the original term is a bit older. It was created in 1992 by American writer Neil Stephenson in his novel “Snow Crash”.

“The metaverse is not a place, object, thing, technology or company. It is a mixture of many technologies, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the Internet, 3D environment, manipulation and any other immersive communication and interaction experience that may arise,” explains Fernando Godoy, CEO of Flex Interativa, specializes in immersion experiences. “A lot of companies sell themselves as Metaverse, but it’s just plain fluff — and you have to be aware of that,” he adds.

To help consumers, lovers, and the curious understand the term and its ranges, The Expert lists four Myths and facts about metaverses. paying off!

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1. It is only possible to enter the metaverse with VR glasses – the legend

In addition to accessing through virtual reality (VR) glasses, it is possible to access the metaverse through platforms, apps, and browsers using an avatar, which is a person’s representation in the virtual world, allowing them to move and move. Communicate with your voice, known as spatial voice.

“People are confused, because everything indicates that access was only through virtual reality glasses, which, until then, was the technology that enables an immersive experience. But, through glasses, many of these experiences are lonely – and metaverses are not Absolutely lonely. It happens in real time, with many people communicating and interacting with each other,” notes Fernando.

2. The metaverse is not only found in video games – the truth

It was the game market that actually started and developed this immersive environment, because in some games people talk, have fun, watch shows, sell and buy things, among other activities. However, the metaverse has not been conducted and is not only aimed at this industry. “Today, it is possible to see retailers, service providers and brands taking action in this universe. Not just for children and teens. This is the future that is approaching,” comments the specialist.

3. The metaverse will change the digital economy – the truth

Due to NFT (non-fungible token) transactions, people, brands and companies can launch not only collections, art, movies or music, but also other collectibles and products that have a significant impact on the economy.

“It is estimated that, by 2024, the metaverse will deal around $800 billion or more, given that there are seven layers distributed in this universe, with different industries, brands and startups, divided into distinct functions, ranging from infrastructure and cloud to user experience” Fernando highlights, who also says the metaverse will create new careers and business opportunities.

4. The metaverse does not help at all in educating young people and adults – myth

Metaverse has an opportunity to change education and training in the world, including in Brazil. It will allow the student or employee of the company to learn through an immersive experience. Among the examples, it will be possible to enter the human body and understand how it works, or see the periodic table in a real and different way, or even go back to ancient Greece or to World War II.

Fernando concludes, “An avatar can be a hero and deeply engages and understands how these experiences work, making the ability to assimilate, understand, and learn about content a daunting and different thing than watching YouTube videos or video call lectures.”

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