7 degrees Celsius cool? Football saw matches at -17 degrees Celsius, one this year – 20/05/2022 – World Football

It was a very cold week in Sao Paulo.

Temperatures started dropping Monday, and from Tuesday (17) until now, early Friday morning (20), the days were freezing and the nights icy.

As I type, the computer tells me the temperature is 8 degrees Celsius. Since I love the heat, I feel like I’m in an igloo. brrrrr

As a young man, on my trips to the stadium in the late ’80s and early ’90s, I encountered frigid nights in the stands, perhaps of this sort. You really had to love the team to honor it.

I wonder what it would be like for a professional footballer. Is anyone satisfied with performing at very low temperatures?

In Brazil, hardly, although in the south, at certain times of the year, there is no alternative. And then it is not a question of admiring it, but of facing it, as in countries whose territory is far from the equator.

I’m a hobbyist, I play some games on Saturday mornings, and the cold is not spotter friendly. This next list remains incomplete, and I am sure the reason for the lack of names is another lack, a lack of courage, even if unconsciously, to get up early and face the unpleasant weather.

In this context, in order to “warm the brain”, I decided to check football matches that were played at very low temperatures. Below, well below 0°C.

I found some, and the Brazil national team appears as one of the teams in the game with a cool record – emphasizing that the survey I did was based on texts from the media.

In March 2006, in preparation for the World Cup in Germany, the team led by Carlos Alberto Parreira traveled to Moscow for a friendly match against Russia.

At Lokomotiv Stadium, Brazil won 1-0, with the goal of Ronaldo Finomino. Thermometers were recorded at -17 °C. Freeze. The national team reserve spent the match wrapped in blankets.

Nearly 16 years later, another duel, this time in North America, recorded the same temperature: -17°C. It was February 2nd at Allianz Arena in Minnesota.

For the CONCACAF qualifiers (which includes countries from North and Central America, as well as the Caribbean) for the World Cup in Qatar, the United States received Honduras.

They were more accustomed to the cold than their opponents – out of 11 carriers, 7 live in the Central American country, with a minimum temperature of 18 ° C – the North Americans easily won, with a ratio of 3 to 0.

Two Honduran athletes, goalkeeper Luis Lopez and striker Romel Coyoto, had symptoms of hypothermia, and they had to be substituted in the first half between the first and second half.

United States coach Greg Berhalter, 48, sympathized with the opponents, but commented on the opposite situation.

When are we going to play in these countries? [tropicais], we are facing 32 degrees Celsius and unbearable humidity. Players get cramps and become dehydrated. For him, the ‘nature’ of football sometimes dictates undesirable weather conditions.

At least two other matches with temperatures below -10°C are known to have occurred in this century.

One of them took place in Trondheim (Norway), where Rosenborg lost in December 2010 1-0 to visiting German Bayer Leverkusen, in the European League, in the cold temperature of 14 degrees Celsius at the Lerkendal Stadium.

The other was held in February 2018. For the CONCACAF Champions League, Colorado hosted Toronto at DSG Park, in Commerce City (USA), in the Rocky Mountain region. The Canadian team won with a score of 2-0, thermometers read -16 degrees Celsius.

At the World Cup, it was far from cold, but there was an occasion when football was below zero.

In South Africa in 2010, one of the group stage matches recorded a temperature of -1°C.

It was in Ellis Park, in Johannesburg, and the Brazilian team was the protagonist. They also overcame the cold North Korea, 2-1.

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