6 Tech-to-Kitchen Promotions, Check It Out

There is no suitable day for promotions in the week, however, if there was one, Friday would be the perfect time of the week to ensure the best products at a low price.

Thus, for those who wish to take advantage of “Today’s Deals”, which is a specific segment on Amazon Prime and Americanas, you can check out many products with quality assurance.

See the list of offers to take advantage of on Friday (20).

Check out 6 Deals Today on Americana and Amazon

The list, separated by sectors, provides an overview of the products in the promotion and in the different sectors within Amazon Prime And American.

see products:

amazon hardware industry

  • Nupro Cover for Kindle Paperwhite

that Kindle device It is a phenomenon that many readers are familiar with. Thus, the covers of the 10th generation Kindle, released in 2019, are available in pink, black, light and dark blue.

Plus the cover is a great option to protect the device, as well as wake the device or put it to sleep when the item is opened and closed.

Books and e-books sector

  • The Promise of Neverland Vol. 12

One of the highlights of Friday (20), Kayo Shirai’s work and illustrations by Busuka Demizu,”Neverland PromiseIt is a manga series, which has already been adapted into anime episodes.

For those who love Japanese work, you can take advantage of the manga promotion, however, it is necessary to pay attention to the availability of the product as it is one of the most purchased on Amazon Prime.


electronics sector

  • Samsung 43 inch Full HD Smart TV

Check the best price on Samsung Smart TV in today’s deals. – reproduction.

Go here to see the product.

The Smart TVby Samsung brand, shown in American. The device has a resolution of 1080 pixels on a 48-inch screen, in addition to the ability to connect via Wi-Fi.

Check out the available technical features here.

cosmetic sector

  • Vitamin C10 Facial Serum (Tracta)

One of my favorite products when it comes to beauty. Tracta Serum is distinguished by its anti-oxidant, anti-aging and long-acting properties.

In addition, one of the benefits of the product is the whitening and toning effect that it provides to the skin.


Games and consoles sector

  • Pink Cat Headset (HNQH)

A great gifting option in St. Valentine’s dayThe headphone, due to be released next month, has an ergonomic design and good sound fidelity.

The phone is compatible with PC / MAC, running Windows 7, 8, 10 or MACOS, besides being an important element to improve the gameplay.

kitchen strip

  • Tramontina pressure cooker Vancouver 4.5 liters

Products from the kitchen segment are featured on Americana’s Daily Deals. – reproduction.

Go here to check out the product.

For those who love to prepare good meals, the Tramontina pressure cooker is the ideal ingredient to ensure good flavor and create delicious dishes.

amazon prime subscription

when consuming in Amazon PrimeFrom movies, series and music, it is possible to access the advantages of online purchase with a guarantee of fast delivery and free shipping for many products.

being able to here Get 30 days free on the platform and learn about the best features that Amazon services can offer.

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Today’s Deals on Amazon Prime. – Photo: reproduction.

Check the best price on Samsung Smart TV in today’s deals. – Photo: reproduction.

Products from the kitchen segment are featured on Americana’s Daily Deals. – Photo: reproduction.

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