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Pets were already considered humans’ best friends, but with the pandemic, they have become an integral part of Brazilian families. With the increasing number of adoptions, the pet market intensified and conquered the minds of Brazilian businessmen. This explains why Brazil currently ranks seventh in global revenue in this sector, according to the Brazilian Association of the Pet Products Industry (Abinpet).

Pet entrepreneur (Photo: Drew Hayes | Unsplash)

Check out some tips for starting a pet market business (Photo: Drew Hayes | Unsplash)

If you’re considering starting a business in this field, according to Vanessa de Lima, state project manager at Sebrae-SP, the first step is to have a well-structured plan. “In this first moment, we need to think about the professionalization of those who have entered the market to do so. It is essential to study and stay current on technologies and know how to run your business well.”

The sector ended the year 2020 with revenues of R$40.8 billion, which indicates high profitability, especially for small and medium-sized companies. According to Lima, small businesses can stand out because they are more likely to approach pets and teachers. “Knowing the pet’s name, and getting close to the teacher, is essential. In this market, you have two customers: the pet and the teacher, and both are important.”

However, it is not just about the opportunities that an entrepreneur should consider when opening their business. Lima also mentions that admiration for animals, marriage of the organization’s logistics with human service, professionalism and an understanding of the institution’s rights and duties are important factors.

Now that it knows the importance of the sector and its boom tips, PEGN has broken down 14 business ideas, according to Lima and Nilo Maracini, head of the advisory board for Instituto Pet Brasil, for those who want to start a business in the pet market:

technology products

According to Lima, developing technological products for pets is one trend to watch out for, but it requires a qualification from an entrepreneur. “There are products that leave your pet smelling good for a week, reduce coat knots and so much more. They are cosmetics with a lot of technology and benefits. They are a good balcony.”

Marraccini’s advice is for the entrepreneur to study the geographical area he intends to serve and see if there is a demand for microchips and other technologies that reassure owners of unruly pets, such as products with QR codes and GPS.

Beauty centers and humanoid pet shops

Experts agree that pet health is one of the most popular and important in this market. Lima comments on the need to pay special attention to changes in behavior in relation to pets, which take on greater importance in the family core. It indicates that organizations have attentive and differentiated service with clients of four as well.

For Marraccini, the demand for tutors for more specific treatments is growing, which means that the market is asking for more professionals in surgery and physical therapy who cater to specific areas (spine, skin, reproductive, among others).

natural food

This trend, according to Lima, is followed by the search on the part of teachers for a better quality of life for their close friends. For Marraccini, whatever type of food the entrepreneur intends to bet on, it is necessary to think in advance. It is a high investment, the degree of immaturity in the market is already high and requires prior knowledge. It is a very competitive and demanding sector.”

In addition, he warns of records in the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, which has a series of requirements for the production and sale of food.


The production of accessories and clothing for fur is uncomplicated and profitable. According to Marchini, care involves the use of non-toxic and safe materials. Production can take place at home or in the factory, what matters is the marriage between style, comfort and safety.

washing machine

Lima says this kind of business could be a great idea. “You have beds, towels, blankets, different products for pets like toys that need to be sanitized in a certain way. There are a lot of markets for that.”


Animal photographers aficionados can start a business to capture the most glamorous of fur poses, according to Lima. The possibilities are endless: birthdays, NGO events, editorials for influential pets or to advertise other businesses in the sector.

Nurseries and hotels

The idea of ​​leaving the pet at home when traveling and asking someone to pass by to feed them has faded. Teachers understand the importance of a nurturing and caring environment for their close friends, even while traveling or working. With this in mind, daycares and hotels were not nearly as important today.

The first steps are to think of an ideal space for receiving guests and make it irresistible: “It is essential to remember that these spaces require good food, animal stimulation, and a structure for fun and comfort.” Lima says.

Marraccini agrees. For him, in addition to the structure that ensures the pet’s well-being, means are needed to reassure the teacher, such as a remotely accessible camera service.


According to Marchini, a great option for those who are already experts in the field is to help other companies and people just entering. “It focuses on service areas. These are the people who really know how to do that and are taking advantage of that experience to train others, even using their own spaces, like pet stores that teach bathing and grooming.”


If you are an animal teacher, you have probably faced the situation of needing to take your friend elsewhere and were not able to, because traditional transportation services have many limitations. For Lima, an entrepreneur can turn this need into an opportunity. “We have a huge number of animals, but few transportation services that provide safety and convenience to the owners. There is a huge demand.”


For Marchini, the focus on the export of pet products is important in this sector. However, he cautions that it is essential to have prior knowledge. “You need a structure that is already recognized in the local market first, if your product is already accepted here, it will become easier.”


With courses, which can be obtained online or at specialized schools, the entrepreneur can choose to work with animal behavior and health. Training can help fur people who suffer from anxiety or who do not need to relieve themselves. A professional can conduct in-depth training, such as those that focus on guide dogs and animals for adjuvant therapy.

Bathing and personal care at home

According to Lima, the ease of not having to travel and having the opportunity to do an activity, often stressful for a pet, and quieter, indicates a great opportunity for an entrepreneur who wants to innovate.

Pet Influencer

According to Lima, the market for pets that influence social networks is constantly growing. Making your pet a celebrity can be a great idea for a business partner with your best friend.

dog walker

Known as pedestrians, Lima says this type of business can be done through third-party apps that connect the entrepreneur with educators or through his own company that can even provide services to hotels and daycares.

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