″He was the only one in the Académica training who got some money, but because he had a lot of needs ″

Sergio Conceicao’s comments on Sport TV Report regarding the relegation of the Academia division.

Academic start: “I must be grateful to Académica. I remember being the only player in the squad who made some money because they gave me, not because I had a professional contract, but because I was in desperate need of some financial capacity. At least, to buy what I remember when I went with my parents on A motorbike to the old Académica headquarters at the end of the month to collect the 15 items – 75 euros – which they gave to help buy school supplies and were a good help for our family, because it often also served the basic goods we needed, because we were a family in great difficulty. In my memory and in my heart.

Being an Academic Coach: “For a brief period, even a little bit, I did not have the opportunity to play as an applicant at Académica. When I came back from Kuwait, I was there until the last time. And that was my dream. An even bigger dream, from the moment I embraced the coaching career, it was coaching Académica. It was the least I can give it. The least I can offer, because I am a person who is really passionate about my work and I do my best. And with Académica I joined a lot of what I do today here [FC Porto] today. The most emotional aspect, that heart combined with that acumen and intelligence that we must have as coaches.”

Academic ratios: “My feeling was a feeling of emptiness. It’s a strange feeling, with some sadness, connected there with emptiness, with some rebellion when seeing a club like Briusa fall into the third division. It’s posted on social media.”

Down time words: “It was messing with people a little bit, without a doubt, but that was basically how I felt. I have a lot of respect for what college is, for people who went to college and graduated, and there are many, many of them playing at Académica, but time has passed. There are so many members of and supporters and supporters of Académica who have not been trained.And there must be a balance between the weight, history and symbolism of what Académica is and also all other people who love Académica and who have not had an academic path according to what they have lived in for many years. Times are different, and if we want to see a strong and modern Académica that can compete At the highest level in the I Liga, it’s there to be a project that you can’t look at much. That this has always been there, I totally agree. Now, there must be professional people embracing this new project at Académica and this is absolutely necessary.”

Available to help: “Help the Académica with anything people think I’d be helpful to. I’m not saying this for the first time. And I’m not talking about the money issue, because a lot of people associate it with money. That’s important, obviously, but that’s not all that’s important. I mean.” With that I am available to talk to people, given some experience and knowledge that I have about this world of football, which is not easy, to be able to remove some of the situations that are important to a situation like this.”

academic: “It is the symbol that I know how to draw perfectly. I look at it and it gives me a unique feeling, for someone who has lived and still lives in the city, especially the club, in a very passionate way. I am the jewel of the academy and always will be, because I will be forever grateful to Academia.”

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