″ I had knee surgery and these are moments when a person collapses

Having surgery on both knees, Club Albergaria defender Joanna Santos has never given up and is now one of the best players in the BPI League

Joanna Santos, a 24-year-old defender, is one of the surprises of the BPI League and helped Clube Albergaria establish a position at the top level in Portugal. She has been called up to the under-19 team and is known for her passing ability and her left foot. He’s balancing football with work, something he sometimes says is difficult because of rest. He underwent surgery on both knees, and “fell,” but the defense overpowered, rolled up their sleeves and worked for success. In the future, he dreams of playing in other leagues, however, for the time being, the next step is to grow and help Clube Albergaria win.

Joanna is one of the sports most used by coach Paula Pinho in the current season, she has played 24 matches and matched the field with beautiful performances. How do you characterize the season on an individual and team level?

On a personal level, it was better than last year. I’ve played more than once in the starting line-up and when we have minutes to play and play against good teams, like in the BPI League, it forces us to improve certain things. On a collective level, the first goal was to achieve maintenance and we did that. We want to enjoy and take advantage of the hero stage to grow. After all, we play with the best teams in Portugal.

Despite finishing seventh in the champion stage, Clube Albergaria achieved its primary goal – permanence. The team showed good indicators all season and even beat Lank Vilaverdense in the last round. What is the key to achieving the goal?

– Clube Albergaria is a fun group, but also a very hardworking group. Coach Paula always asks for the best from us, because she knows that she has players who are always able to achieve better results. This was the key. Always want more.

Next weekend, in the final round, they will face Maritimo, who has been doing an excellent campaign at this point. What do you expect from this game?

We know it’s a team that always causes difficulties, but we want to finish the job high. I’m not going to the game because I’m going to work, but I know the athletes available will do everything they can to make our team smile at the end.

Is it difficult for you to balance work and football?

It’s a matter of trying to manage time with work, football and family. I have four exercises a week. They all started at 8:30pm so when I leave work at 5pm I have time to practice. I make some sacrifices, it’s the truth. I don’t have many hours of rest and it’s hard, but I do my best.

He started at Clube Albergaria, spent a season at Feirense, and three seasons ago, returned to the Albergaria-a-Velha formation. What does this club mean to you?

It’s a private club. Everything I am and everything I have learned owe to this mantra. I’ve always loved football, but I heard about Clube Albergaria and went to try some of the courses. I ended up liking it and stayed seven seasons before moving on to Feirense. Luckily, I’m back here and I want to grow and help the club.

How would you describe yourself as a player?

– I’ve already had knee surgery and these are times when a person collapses completely. I am very flexible. Above all, I am an athlete who is always available for new criticism, as there is a lot to improve. I support my teammates and never disappoint anyone. I like to make long passes on the field and use my left hand.

What are your ambitions and dreams?

I really want to learn/better certain things in football. We only get better if we work with the best and I feel like I’m in the right club. I just want to be happy in football. I would like to have a new experience, but outside of Portugal.

What can we expect from Joanna Santos next season?

When I accept an offer, whether it’s work or football, I always try to do my best and next season will be no different.

Who is your biggest reference in football?

– I have Marcelo, the left-back of Real Madrid as a reference. He was one of the best players in the world with poor technical ability.

>> Polita, Chloe Lacas and Carolina among the best in the BPI League

In a season in which Benfica won the BPI League twice, Joanna Santos referred to the highlights of the competition and chose a teammate as “the best”. “I would love to see Paulita, Chloe Lacas and Carolina, the defender of Club Albergaria, play. She was injured, but she is still playing this year and she is one of the best central defenders in the BPI League. You can say what I say. The best team, without a doubt, is Benfica. The players enjoy With above-average individual quality and at a team level they are doing very well, says Joanna, who also analyzes the development of Portuguese women’s football.The Portuguese Under-19 international concluded, “I have evolved little by little. There are more and more teams with better conditions. I feel the Portuguese player is more valuable and we have to know how to appreciate that.”

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