Why Merentiel’s signature bears the “new Palmeiras” sign.

Palmeiras believes that the silence was a guarantee of success in the contract with Uruguayan striker Miguel Merintel, 26, who was announced yesterday (18).

From the speed with which the negotiations were completed to the preservation of the amount initially agreed upon by the parties – $1.5 million (approximately $7.5 million) in return for 80% of the economic rights – everything went through the player’s professionalism. The coaches and Defensa y Justicia (ARG), his former club, have taken up the issue.

Palmeiras was positively surprised by the amount demanded by the player’s representatives, which was considered low, but he did not hesitate to proceed with recruitment, supported by the analyzes of specialists.

Marcelo Tejera, the agent for Uruguay, arrived in São Paulo to handle the deal about a week ago. The player, of course, has been on the club’s radar for the longest time. According to club sources, I heard UOL EsporteThe conversations started about 20 days ago.

Merentiel landed in the capital, Sao Paulo, at dawn from Monday to Tuesday, the day he underwent medical examinations at the football academy, without such information ever leaking, which is seen internally as an achievement.

Hiring was also assessed as a victory for the Anderson Barros negotiating model. Absolutely out of the limelight, the director of football carried out all dealings with the utmost discretion.

The choice of name also follows the ideal working method by the manager, who first, together with the analysis department, selects the characteristics that best suit what the club wants. After that, he took the names for the knowledge and approval of Abel Ferreira and his technical committee. Only then open conversations, with the target already set.

This is what happened in the Murillo and Gilson cases. The defender is rented from Lokomotiv (Russia) for 14 million Brazilian reals (80% of the rights), in fact, he even had polls to return to European football, but he had no chance of being released by Verdau.

While running through the corridors of the football academy, Palmeiras first pricks his eyes, and only then his pocket.

More than a month into the preparatory season

Dodo - Marcelo Zambrana / Agave - Marcelo Zambrana / Agave

Doudou celebrates a goal he scored with Palmeiras in the derby against Corinthians

Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF

Although he is only able to enter the field as of July 18, when the transfer window opens, the football academy’s Merentiel is expected to begin work in June.

As happened with Dudu last year, Palmeiras will be able to adapt to his future No. 9 shirt with more than a month of pre-season preparation, although Uruguay’s situation is very different from that of Dudu.

Unlike the 7 shirt, which was absent for a long time after playing in an already technically weak league, such as the Qatar League, owned by his former club Al Duhail, Merentiel was in full swing in the Argentine League and Copa Sol. .

Abel Ferreira is very happy with the arrival of the player. As reported in the press conference, after the 1-0 win over Emelec (EQU), for Libertadores, Merentiel comes to fill part of the gap left with Luiz Adriano, Deyverson and Willian Bigode leaving.

Merentiel is seen as a fast player that looks like Ron and attacks spaces with depth. But unlike the number 10 shirt, the Uruguayan is actually a striker, which will certainly reduce the rate of missed chances. After all, says Abel, who professed his love for him, Ron, a winger, plays impromptu as a reference man.

New names may appear for the attack

castellanos - Era Black / Getty Images - Era Black / Getty Images

Valentin ‘Tate’ Castellanos, the Argentine striker for New York City, is not ruling out playing for River Plate and Palmeiras.

Photo: Era Black/Getty Images

Although he should really wear the number 9 jersey, Merentiel does not end the team’s search for a famous striker. But players like Castellanos and Alario, for example, who previously had attacks from the club, are becoming increasingly distant.

Among other reasons, such as the parties’ desire to play in Europe, due to the fact that the negotiations have become very public, which makes the negotiations more expensive and difficult. It was, for example, what also happened with striker Joao Pedro, from Al Wahda (UAE).

Anderson Barros even contacted the athlete, something he avoids doing as much as possible, to try to solve the problem, such as the club’s interest in hiring him. But both the manager and Palmeiras were very upset by the fact that the player’s agents had revealed in the market that they were talking to Alverde.

New names may appear on Palmeiras’ calendar. But, it is better, for the club, in complete silence.

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