What is the difference in performance? And at the price? Leaking

RTX 30 vs RTX 40: Since I’m sick of saying over the past few weeks, ignore the price drop in the PC world! Forget the low price on the Ryzen processor side and, more importantly, do exactly the same, and even more powerfully, with the current generation of graphics cards.

Yes, I get it, it’s been almost two years without me being able to buy a graphics card at affordable prices. But don’t be fooled! Prices did not fall due to the goodness of the spirit of manufacturers, or because production improved (the crisis is still very active), prices fell, because demand fell very significantly (especially in the mining sector) and, of course, because we are about to undergo a massive replenishment of product ranges.

But do you know what’s the difference? Will we take it again at scary prices?

RTX 30 vs. RTX 40: What’s the difference in performance? And at the price?

RTX 30 vs.
This is the RTX 4090 Ti cooler

So do you like “leaks”? It’s just if you like a good leak in the mobile world, in the hardware world we already know almost everything a year before launch. As now with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40! As we already have a list of specifications that shouldn’t be too far from the truth, as well as the level of performance to expect. But let’s go by the parts.

How many RTX 40s will we see at launch?

At least 4 different models are expected to be announced. However, they will not all arrive at the same time.

The first graphics card to be released, probably already in July, should be the RTX 4090 (24 GB), based on the AD102-350 GPU. Next, we’ll welcome the more powerful RTX 4090 Ti (48 GB), which in turn is based on the AD102-300. A little later, we will have the best friends of the RTX 4080 (16 GB) wallet based on the AD103-300 and, of course, finally the RTX 4070 (12 GB) based on the AD104-400.

What are “numbers”? (Technical Specifications)

The most powerful RTX 4090 Ti will have the fully unlocked AD102 GPU, which in turn means 18,432 CUDA cores. The slightly weaker RTX 4090 stands at 16,128 cores. Next, we have the RTX 4080 with 10752 cores, and the RTX 4070 with 7680 CUDA cores.

The number of processing cores doesn’t tell the whole story, because with the new architecture, it’s clear that the performance boost will be evident across the entire range. After all, the RTX 4070 is expected to match or exceed the RTX 3090 Ti, both in raster performance and in ray tracing.

Expected performance

To get a sense of the performance boost, you need to be aware of what the current generation can offer.

Well, the RTX 4090 Ti should be able to exceed 100 TFLOPs of performance, with the RTX 4090 staying at ~90 TFLOPs. In a direct comparison to the current RTX 30, we’re talking about almost three times the performance, with the RTX 3090 Ti offering something like 40 TFLOPs, while the original RTX 3090 is about 36 TFLOPs.

Price and availability

RTX 30 vs.

This is almost undeniable at this point in the tournament. The new graphics cards will be more expensive compared to their launch prices in 2020. I don’t think we will repeat the madness of the 1920s and 2021, as the market stabilized and mining was dying out.

In addition to all this we also have Wildcard which is Intel, which is also about to put its spoon in the giant soup that represents the graphics card market, and of course AMD, which will obviously be able to impress with its RDNA 3 architecture, this time with a good stock product.

However, the production crisis is still a reality, as is the case with high inflation in Europe, and indeed all over the world. So, you can put a price 10~20% higher than the RTX 30’s recommended launch price than the RTX 30, and we very much wish the thing would stay there. (This is the estimate of the many leaks for both AMD and NVIDIA.)

For launch, all graphics cards described here should be available by the end of the year. The RTX 4090 will be the first, already in July. Later we will have the RTX 4090 Ti, which will obviously be TITAN, probably in August, and finally, we will have the RTX 4080 followed by the RTX 4070, there September to October.

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