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Winter officially begins in 6:14 am Per day June 21And But he seems to have missed it and decided to arrive more than a month in advance.

at Belo HorizonteAt six in the morning this Thursday (19), the thermometers recorded 4.4 degrees Celsius.

As meteorologists warned, the temperature dropped a lot in several regions of Brazil, including in Minas Gerais. The cold can also be harmful to pets and therefore they need special care.

According to veterinarian Jose Lasmar, there are myths that must be debunked. Such animals do not feel cold because they have fur.

“They can even die, like humans,” he says. “It’s true that some dogs are more resistant, but they also feel cold.”

Within this list of the “strongest”, the specialist highlights the Siberian and Bernese husky breeds.

The pug is already ready for the arrival of winter – Photo: Unsplash / Disclosure

However, he noted that SRD hybrid dogs, which are popular, are skinny and with a short coat, It can die from low temperatures. Lasmar explains that when the animal is curled up, it’s a sign that it’s too cold.

Short-haired cats can fall victim to the cold. Long-haired people, such as Persians, can wear warm clothes. But it can cause “cakes” which should be cut later.

Beauty snoozing in warmth and snuggling – Photo: Unsplash / Disclosure

Here’s how to protect pets:

  • put on them comfortable and warm clothes;
  • It must be protected out of reach of wind currents and strong winds;
  • the bed should be soft and, if possible, made of cotton fabrics, because it warms and is more comfortable;
  • Food does not change in cold weather. they can eat normally;
  • Physical activity, such as walking, should be maintained;
  • Unlike food and exercise, showering should be avoided.

Lasmar explains that, as with humans, Her health can also be affected.

In the cold period, especially in autumn and winter, dogs can have Infectious bronchitisa disease also known as Canine influenza, canine influenza, kennel cough or even whooping cough, that can be caused by viruses or bacteria.

To avoid this, Lasmar advises them to vaccinate with a single dose, valid for a year. The cost of an immune system is about R$110.

Pet bed and blanket make pets more comfortable – Photo: Unsplash / Disclosure

Prevention is valid for all dogs, but the vet points out that animals with short noses – such as pugs, French and English bulldogs – They are more susceptible to disease.

Regardless of the breed, the specialist advises animals that frequent pet hotels, pet stores, yards and kennels Need to be vaccinated due to living with their furry friends.

In the event of pollution, Treatment is carried out under a veterinary prescriptionantiallergic and anti-inflammatories.

Lasmar says the symptoms of the disease are a severe cough with retchingwhich may lead the teacher to make a mistake and believe that the animal has suffocated.

In the cold, cats can develop bacterial pneumonia. There is no cough therefore The teacher needs to double the attention.

Antibiotic treatment. There is no vaccine as a prevention.

Volunteers distribute cool clothes to stray animals – Photo: Wash them Pets / Disclosure

As with humans, so are animals in the street Those who suffer more from the coldest weather.

  • Find out how and where to donate warm clothes and blankets to those in need in Bosnia and Herzegovina

at Belo Horizonteveterinary medicine course students University Center Belo Horizonte (UniBH) campaigning pet coat. The movement receives clothes, coats, blankets, towels, and food And other things for stray animals.

Donations can be delivered to UniBH Veterinary Hospitalin the district of Buritis, in working hours.

  • pet coat
  • collection point: UniBH Veterinary Hospital (Rua Líbero Leone, 259 – Buritis), opening hours

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