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After album release

After the release of the album “Pai & Filha”, Wanessa Camargo and Zezé Di Camargo released the video “Daqui a 20 anos”. Photo: Instagram / @wanessa

This is Thursday the nineteenth Vanessa Camargo And Zizi de Camargo Release of the first section of the project father daughteralbum released in 2021. The song chosen to open the audiovisual projects was 20 years from now And it brings artists to something intimate, simple and exciting.

Coincidentally or not, 2022 marks Wanesa’s 20-year career, and after all this time, it was her first time doing a project with her dad. During an interview with stadiumThe singer and her father gave details about the project and how they felt about recording together.

We wanted a new song and it felt like that 20 years from now This was the “beginning” face. In the language of repertoire and production, it’s a song that comes in the form of a crescent moon. It looks like the opening of a show. Music selection happens through feeling, too. “There is no such great strategy, it really comes from feeling,” says Wanessa Camargo, about the music selection for the first clip.

Without hiding her pride and happiness in participating in this project, Zizi de Camargo jokes that this song was chosen “because it is wonderful”. “While on tap, we thought it would be the most impactful. It coincided with Wanessa’s 20-year career. There’s that whole analogy about 20 years from now and way back 20 years ago. Speaking of a father-daughter relationship, 20 years from now How will it be?” says Zizi, in a reflective tone.

“The song talks about it, but it also talks about family in a loving way. Our family will be beautiful because she and I are family. And if you look at it, this song fits the project in many ways,” Zezé continues.

As for the style of the clip, Wanessa Camargo revealed that her father left it in her hands and got the approval to choose the production method. The singer reveals that Abba’s music videos were references for this first video of father daughter.

“I wanted to bring in a language that shows the feelings and at the same time something of the show. It’s lights that imitate even the ones we use in shows, something like TV as well. We’ll take that language for others as well, because we want something modern and classic in the style of this project,” he says.

Coming from a musical family and completing 20 years in the business, Wanessa makes no secret that Zezé has always been a reference to her and that he is her idol no matter who is her father: “It’s a milestone in my career to sing with Zezé de Camargo. She sang other times, but this album is his A special tone. It’s a forever thing because it’s not just being on the show, it’s a cool thing.”

With shining eyes happily talking about father daughter, the singer talks about how special it is to share every moment of creativity with her father and co-projector. “Being able to share the creative part, the choice of repertoire and production, was a dream come true. There is no other way to say it. I hope it will last a lifetime and give me the opportunity to do projects with him for the rest of my life,” he said.

“It is a project that does not need time because it is timeless. father daughter It’s not a project, it’s our relationship. I am a father and she is my daughter. This name comes from our case, right? I think it’s timeless because, regardless of the label, we can do projects together,” notes Zizi de Camargo.

The country singer also made no secret of his happiness with sharing singing with Wanessa and jokes that this is a “very big responsibility”. “No matter where I come from, being a Zezé Di Camargo, I analyze the technical condition of each one and they have amazing technology for me. It left me with a lot of responsibility because ‘the creature is so much better than the Creator,'” he spoke with a laugh.

“The only thing we love above ourselves is the son and he will always be right in front of you, better in any situation. Even there on stage if it’s better, I’m happy. That ‘exploding, exploding’ feeling is different when he’s with a son,” Zizi continues in praise of his daughter.

Zezé and Wanessa make no secret of the happiness of moving forward with audiovisual projects for an album

Zezé and Wanessa do not hide the happiness of moving forward with the audio-visual projects for the album “Pai & Filha”. Photo: Iude Richele

As much as the project was something incredible for both of them, Wanessa remembers that when she started her career, she did her best to disentangle her image from Zezé, because she didn’t want to “take advantage” of her father’s success in any way. At this moment in her career, she realizes that the album has a very special place: “I feel more comfortable singing with it without taking advantage of it in any way.”

“[Naquela época] I wanted to prove to myself and the audience that I could sustain my career on my own. For talent, work and every effort. Being able to talk to him on equal terms, in terms of experience and ability, and ability to sing, exemplifies that. How wise is time and when you strive and fight and devote yourself, things just fall into place.”

Wanessa explains that she’s always avoided singing with Zezé and even dying to plan something with her dad, but with all these thoughts, she’s left time in charge of what will be best for her. “I’ve always wanted to, but I avoided it,” he says. “I let time run its course and I could have a place today to be able to sing with my dad, because I already showed my story.”

Zezé had the same feeling and didn’t want people to think he was Wanessa’s mascot, which is why they took so long to release something together. “We waited a while to sing together, because there was no way we could be together all the time. We also let it happen so naturally that no one thought it was something that would push the level. We do something we enjoy and enjoy with ‘love’, Zizie de Camargo says:

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