«There are no late wages, Boavista has it all right»:: zerozero.pt

Boavista has accompanied financial difficulties for the past fifteen years. The club, being so big, managed to survive and maintain the competition in the first Spanish league. But it’s not Boavista yet.

Fans dream of reviving European nights, many of which are in the Champions League. When will the UEFA competitions that the people of Porto have missed for two decades return?

qI’ve known Gerard Lopez since 2012, the year I stopped playing and we had a meeting

my house

Petty gives the possible answers, very frankly, talking about SAD management and investor Gerard Lopez and the specter of unpaid wages.

Great interview from zero zeroInside the legendary Besa Stadium.

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Gerard Lopez is the largest contributor to volatile SAD

Zero Zero – Boavista has not participated in European competitions in 20 years. Is it urgent to return the club to UEFA competitions?

my house – Urgent, Urgent, on the minds of our fans. Me too, as a good visitor (laughs). Want to get there how? Won’t go there once and then never come back. We have to arrive firmly, united. We have to work with all departments and spend many years in European competitions. I don’t know if it will take two or three years, I don’t know. We will work every day, be demanding in every department, improve, know fans want it and go step by step. We will have a competitive team, at the level of the demand of the masses. This is what I promise you, so that there will be harmony among all.

zz – There was a period of understanding, so to speak, after returning to the I Liga. But Boavista will start eighth in a row at this level and the club’s rhetoric must go beyond maintenance…

q – I never mentioned maintenance, it’s a word I’ve never used in this club.

zz – wouldn’t it be better to target European competitions, even if the target is not reached then? In the background, raising the clause, at least in discourse?

q – Expectation management is ungrateful. We have to be smart, in four games everything can change. I am a good visitor, I know the difficulties financially, but we always have an ambition. We were nine? We want to be eight or seven. How will we get there? We have never come close to the UEFA bench in these seven years of La Liga. We have to prepare well, it can’t be just one season. We all want a strong Boavista as in the past.

zz – Will we have Boavista investing in the team for the 2021/22 season?

q – In the last couple of years we had some famous players, athletes who came from abroad, even for a new investor. But we have to know the Portuguese championship. It is competent and competitive. We can look at another market, for Liga II, for Liga 3, we are attentive and that’s why we set up the monitoring division.

zz – Is Boavista betting more in the national market?

q – Yes, first of all we want players in the image of Boavista. They have to know where they come from, to know the demands of the fans and the reality of Portuguese football.

zz – Would you pay special attention to the centrioles? Usually three uses and this time almost all have a lot of problems.

q – James [Ilori] On loan from Sporting. Then we have Poroso, Rodrigo [Abascal]reggae [Cannon] – Very interesting for our idea – and we are interested in all situations. There are desirable players who can leave, but I think we are ready.

zz – who will definitely leave?

q – All those who work well for the club.

zz – and who do you really want to keep for next season?

q – There are a few things I don’t want to lose (laughs). Our boss knows. Musa, Mqouta, Spa [Pérez]Reggie [Cannon]Nathan, Hamish, Poroso, they are desirable players, an indication that they have done a good job, and I would like to continue to see them in Boavista. Who do you want to carry? All of those and even Gustavo Sauer himself, but that’s the reality of the clubs. We must be prepared for that. The boss is doing a great job in this regard, Boavista has always been like this, Boavista in the old days. I sold one player per season and gave it to the budget for the year. value and sale. It will pass from there and Boavista will have this strategy of amortizing past debts and looking to a higher level.

zz – What is the role and what is the relationship of Mr. Gerard Lopez, the investor and major shareholder of SAD?

q – I’ve known him since 2012, when I met him when I stopped playing. I haven’t seen him here yet. I know he’s always in touch with the president, he’s our boss, always ready to help, and he’s helped the club grow. He helped set up training camps, the house downstairs, and the breakfast and lunch room, which allows us to take food home. The boss is the one he always talks to and I know he helped us. It’s a question for the president. He was here a little while ago, you could have asked him (laughs).

zz – The topic was recurring all the time. There was a lot of talk about arrears in Boavista. What can Betty say to the fans?

q – Normally there will be a week [de atraso]Five / six days. But since I was here… no. Maybe the opposite happened, welcome the future [risos]. The chief complied with this.

zz – Can the fans be quiet about it?

q – it’s normal [falar sobre isso], not only in Boavista. The clubs went through a difficult period. Covid-19, lack of fans, lack of sponsorship, lack of income, TVs that didn’t pay, football is hard when there is no income. Now, a delay of 15 days is normal, not only in Boavista. Boavista is right for now. We are waiting to go on vacation at will (laughs). This is always the president’s commitment to the players. You can walk there for a week, three/four days, ten, but then you get on just fine.

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