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As it progresses, the Brazil Under-17 Cup is shedding light in the key categories and clubs worry about the need to ensure the permanence of their players. The main reason This category is still subject to professional contract signing restrictions. Among these sports teams.

However, there is a positive point in Ilha do Retiro: Most home silversmiths under the age of 17 have a professional contract with Leão.

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Vitor Neves, on the right wing and with the captain’s armband, celebrates a goal for the sport at U-17 – Photo: Marlon Costa/Pernambuco Press

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Sport moved the classification to the semi-finals after beating Cruzeiro 2-1 last Wednesday. Include the result by scoring goals with two of the team’s highlights: Midfielder Vitor Neves and defender Isak. They both have a contract on Ilha do Retiro until 2025.

The club scored 23 names for the match against Cruzeiro, last Wednesday, and 10 of them have a professional relationship with Leo. The club’s advisor confirmed all the information.

Players with a professional contract

  1. Italian – February 2025
  2. Isaac – end of 2025
  3. sheep – end of 2025
  4. Vitor Neves – end of 2025
  5. Riquelme – end of 2025
  6. Kids – end of 2025
  7. Breno – end of 2025
  8. Mikhail – end of 2025
  9. Luis Henrique – end of 2024
  10. Diddesign – end of 2025

The first person to have a professional contract on this list Midfielder Luis Henrique was in December 2021. All nine other players signed with Sport for the first time this year alone.

Elements of Sport's victory over Cruzeiro in the Brazilian U-17 Cup

Elements of Sport’s victory over Cruzeiro in the Brazilian U-17 Cup

Players who do not have a professional contract

Among the most prominent names who did not witness professional relations with Robro Negro: goalkeeper Arana, midfielder Fernandinho and midfielder Charles Eduardo. But all for different reasons. CharlesFirst of all, it should be purchased at Desportivo Brasil.

Sport's best moments 1 x 0 Corinthians for the Round of 16 of the 17th Copa del Rey

Sport’s best moments 1 x 0 Corinthians for the Round of 16 of the 17th Copa del Rey

Fernandinho, in turn, is 15 years old. And you still can’t sign. The Pele Act and FIFA’s International Transfer Regulations set a minimum age of 16 for the signing of employment contracts. The midfielder was even inside Flamingo Trade List – in 2020 – and ended up asking to go back to sports.

another trio, Aranha is 17 years old and could sign Leão, but he was the third goalkeeper until recently. He was assigned to Santa Cruz and is now playing his first official match for the club. Therefore, the situation is precocious. But there is a tendency that he ends up signing with Sport.

Two other names who have a coaching contract and must sign professionally are Joao Victor, a starting player against Cruzeiro, and Kian, who has been called up as a reserve.

See the squad and status of each player

  • Spider – Association Formation. He was the third guard
  • Italo – professional contract until February 2025
  • Isac – professional contract until 2025. The club hopes to appear in the Islamic Development Bank
  • Patrick – Genesis Deed
  • Lamb – Professional Contract Until 2025
  • Vitor Neves – professional contract until 2025
  • Joao Victor – Coaching Association. Must sign professional
  • Fernandinho – config link. 15 years
  • Charles Eduardo – The need was obtained from Desportivo Brasil
  • Riquelme – professional contract until 2025
  • Kedson – Professional Contract Until 2025
  • Eric – Training Link
  • Lima – Training Link
  • Domini – Association Formation
  • Brenno – professional contract until 2025
  • Jeffinho – Configuration Link
  • Lukinhas – Configuration Link. 15 years
  • Dyego – Training Link
  • Michael – professional contract until 2025
  • Luis Henrique – Professional contract until 2024
  • Dedézinho – Professional contract until 2025
  • Entity – Training Bonds. You must sign a professional contract
  • Gustavo – Training Link

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