The hero dogs that make the world better

After the Ukrainian president awarded a medal to Patron, a dog expert in explosive detection – he has already discovered more than 200 – the Jack Russell Terrier became known around the world. Accompanied by the pioneer owner Mikhail Iliev, he was awarded the Order of Volodymyr Zelensky, for his services to the country.

After receiving the Order of Merit, the Shepherd, who was only two years old, barked and wagged his tail, creating a good mood in the audience who watched him. For Zelensky, the dog, since the start of the war, has been a great help for civil defense and rescue services. On the other hand, the Ukrainian government did not fail to emphasize that Patron had an extraordinary ability to sniff out bombs, saving many lives.

“Today, I would like to reward those Ukrainian heroes who are already clearing mines from our land. Together with our heroes, a wonderful little firefighter – a shepherd – helps not only to neutralize explosives, but also to teach our children the necessary safety rules in the areas where they are located,” said the commander. It has this threat.

On March 19, Ukraine’s Center for Strategic Communications tweeted with a video: “One day, you’ll turn Patron’s story into a movie, but for now, he’s faithfully fulfilling his professional duties.” Defuse more than 90 explosives. The shepherd, whose name is translated into English as “ammunition” or “cartridge”, also serves as an amulet of the State Emergency Service (SES) of the country invaded by Russia on February 24, and often appears in videos on social networks and official social media of Ukraine illustrations, games and replicas made by their fans.

Although Patron has fans all over the world, a New York Times report suggested his rise to fame may be part of “Ukrainian efforts to control the war narrative with viral messages.” The newspaper claimed that “dramatic war tales” were an important part of the country’s information strategy, and that Patron’s videos on the SES Facebook page had hundreds of thousands of views, helping the CEO’s message spread more quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the New York Times, other international media have highlighted this situation, noting that the Ukrainian strategy around Patron was to take advantage of the Internet’s innate love for dog/cat videos, combined with feelings of sympathy and solidarity with the country’s often places “to develop proactive narratives.” and “Strengthening the image of Ukraine”.

The clips were accompanied by messages. For example, on Sunday, while Prime Minister Trudeau was rummaging through his pockets for a cure for Patron, the SES reported that the dog “was very happy to meet a true friend from Ukraine, despite Mr. Trudeau not finding Patron’s favorite piece of cheese.” .

The dogs that went down in history
Dogs have a more developed sense of smell than humans and can, with training, sniff out explosives in land mines or in metal or plastic casings. This is because their olfactory area is 40 times larger than that of a human, and their noses point to the back of the throat and contain nearly 300 million receptor cells, compared to about 6 million in humans.

According to an article in the Smithsonian, 35% of a dog’s brain is devoted to scent-related processes. In contrast, only about 5% of the cellular resources of the human brain are devoted to this sense. For this reason, fortunately, Patron is just one of the many hero dogs that win the hearts and admiration of those who watch their conquests.

On September 11, 2001, American Michael Hingson and his guide dog for the blind, Roselle, worked on the 78th floor of the First Tower of the World Trade Center. When the planes hit him, Rozelle guided the owner through the building and descended the stairs – 1,463 steps – to ensure his safety. The light-haired Labrador retriever led Hengson through the smoke and chaos, pushing him away from the building before collapsing. In turn, also on this date, German Shepherd Tracker excavated the ruins of the World Trade Center and located the last survivor of the attack. This earned him a nomination as one of the most heroic animals in history by Time magazine.

In December 1991, The New York Times reported, “Her dog dragged a paralyzed woman down from the waist and unable to leave her convoy after it caught fire. The woman, Kathy Vaughn, was unharmed, but her dog had burns to its paws.” “You saved my life,” Vaughn confirmed, pointing to a Rottweiler named Eve. Also in the United States, in August 2014, the then-new mayor of a small town in Minnesota, was only seven years old and didn’t say much, as 12 people who helped him come to power five weeks into his campaign represented him.”

Voters said Duke guarded the city and made the community safer, which also included preventing drivers from exceeding the speed limit. Despite not being human or campaigning, Duke, owned by a Cormorant resident, proved to be the most popular choice. “He won by a huge margin and now he doesn’t know how to deal with that much publicity,” one resident, Tricia Maloney, told WDAY6.

Richard Sherbrooke, a shop owner in the village, received half the votes. The election of Duke – who lost his life in February 2019 at the age of 13 – came shortly after Robert Tufts resigned as mayor of Dorset, another Minnesota city. At the age of five he confirmed that he had enjoyed two years in office well: “No one can arrest me, not even the police.”

In March 2008, Debbie Parkhurst of Maryland was at home eating an apple when a piece got stuck in her throat. She knew that she was choking and began to hit her chest, trying to get him out, but to no avail. His golden retriever, Toby, noticed the distress he was feeling and jumped over the owner, resting his paws on her shoulders.

Then he dropped it and when it fell to the ground, he jumped up and down with his hands on his chest, and took the piece of fruit out of Debbie’s airway, who was 45 years old. In the end, he licked Parkhurst’s face to prevent her from losing consciousness, and all the American media wrote that it was a mystery how Toby discovered the modified Heimlich maneuver. Regardless, he won Dog of the Year for his championship.

“I literally have claw-shaped bruises on my chest. I’m still a little hoarse, but other than that, I’m fine,” Parkhurst said at the time. “The doctor said I probably wouldn’t be here without Toby. I still look at him and say ‘You’re awesome’.

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