The 2023 Chevrolet Equinox is betting on technology to find its place among Brazil’s SUVs

The Chevrolet Equinox is General Motors’ best-selling passenger car in the United States. But, since its arrival in Brazil, in 2017, it has never established itself in the mid-size SUV segment due to the reduced size of the copies.

Now, the American brand has a redesigned version of the utility up its sleeve in the national catalog to launch a good (and more advanced, by the way) competition to more “popular” names like the Jeep Compass and Toyota Corolla Cross.

Earlier this week, General Motors presented the car to some Brazilian journalists at an event in the interior of Sao Paulo and digital look You can check in the place of Details of the new SUV. Here, as the brand has already informed, it will be sold in two versions: the RS, which will cost about 220,000 R$, and the Premier, which will be available for about 290,000 R$. Equinox 2023 enters domestic dealerships in June.

Photo: Lucas Peredo/Olhar Digital

Alexa and Spotify are integrated

The connection was one of Chevrolet’s most significant investments in the Equinox modified version for Brazil. That’s because the US gadget is the first in the country to come with native Amazon Alexa and Spotify, that is, without the need to pair the multimedia center with cellular wifi or Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The digital look It has been tested, and in fact, the integration with Spotify can be a very practical tool in daily life, as you no longer need to use your cell phone data plan to listen to music, play a series of Bluetooth gadgets and the like. Accessing the app is easy too: just tap on the app icon that appears in the apps tab and you can now listen to music, even without a pre-existing account.

However, adapting the utility to Alexa was somewhat confusing: at times the virtual assistant responded to simple voice commands such as a request about the weather forecast with bilingual or outdated responses. We don’t know if the flaws are in the software’s electronic structure or are situational in the model, but when in doubt, it might be best for the reader not to trust it completely during a long flight.

Photo: Chevrolet / Disclosure

On the other hand, the original Wi-Fi system – despite the Alexa connection problem – proved to be quite stable, ensuring good Internet service in the car, as well as the MyChevrolet app, which allows you to control car functions remotely, technical inquiries and service scheduling In a GM approved network. It is also possible to learn advanced diagnostics about the autonomy of the car, the oil life cycle, and the remote locking and unlocking of doors.

Another advantage in the field of communication is OnStar, which is one of the first telecommunications services in Brazil. According to the US automaker, there are currently more than 265,000 vehicles associated with the program. An important plus is that all of this connectivity is in two versions of Equinox that will be sold here.

Photo: Lucas Peredo/Olhar Digital

Renovated look and cabin with good clearance

In terms of looks, Chevrolet of Brazil is betting mainly on a fix at the front of the Equinox, where the instrument won a dual grille with blade-shaped daytime running lights in the upper section and LEDs in the lower section. There’s also a difference in the finish in the two configurations: while the RS comes in a honeycomb shape, the Premier comes with a chrome finish.

Equinox Premium | Photo: Lucas Peredo/Olhar Digital

In the lower area, the new Equinox comes with 19-inch diamond-alloy wheels and new bumper details (all black on RS and chrome on Premier). The back is almost unchanged compared to previous versions, with a slight difference in the design of the lanterns.

Photo: Lucas Peredo/Olhar Digital

Inside, the car is very spacious and comfortable, with electric seat control for the driver and good space for two (and reasonable for three) in the back seat. The materials used to make up the cabin have very little plastic, which indicates some improvements in the build, while the instrument panel is very complete, although still analog.

In the Premier version, the car has a panoramic sunroof and electric height adjustment on the trunk lid – parameters are controlled from the driver’s seat. Trunk capacity (468 liters) is significantly higher than that of its competitor Compass (420 liters in the basic version), in both utility configurations.

Photo: Lucas Peredo/Olhar Digital

Simple but effective engine

The Chevrolet Equinox arriving in Brazil features a 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol engine with 172 hp at 5600 rpm and an automatic transmission. In the Premier configuration, the car has all-wheel drive, but it is possible to choose a mode in which only the front wheels move. Performance is good, with the SUV accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 9 seconds 2.

As for consumption, the car has a speed of 11.5 km / l on the road and 9.3 km / l in the city, according to information from Inmetro (National Institute of Measurement, Quality and Technology). It also comes with a number of safety features as standard, including dual, side and curtain airbags, rear-wheel drive, forward collision alert with pedestrian detection, blind spot alert with proximity sensor, lane keep assist, and stability controls.

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